Haydarpaşa Hall and Gar

haydarpasa garinda 367 week nobet why don't stop
haydarpasa garinda 367 week nobet why don't stop

Following the transfer of Haydarpasa Train Station to the Presidency of Privatization Administration, Dayan Haydarpasa Solidarity arı organized an action with the slogan na Haydarpasa wardrobe, gar will remain Hayd.

Kadıköy Hundreds of people gathered in front of the pier and took a walk from here to the Haydarpaşa Station.

“Haydarpaşa guard, the station will remain”

Maltepe residents of Maltepe coast and Istanbul Chamber of Doctors, who announced that they would not let the hospitals in Haydarpaşa be lodged.

"Haydarpasa public can not be sold", Haydarpasa Ward, gar will stay "Haydarpasa Train Station" slogans made after the Haydarpaşa Solidarity press made in the name of the President of the Chamber of Architects Eyüp Muhcu read.

Emphasizing that the AKP government has a very important place in social memory and also ından Urban and Historical Site Muh, Haydarpaşa Train Station has opened the shore and port area with its environment unreasonably plundering, Muhcu said that since 2004, the law on rent has made Haydarpaşa. said that many attempts were made.

Drawing attention to the process of looting, including the burning of Haydarpasa Station, Muhcu reminded that the Express Train has been terminated and intercity train services have been terminated.

Stating that the committee that protects Haydarpaşa Station and its environs is dismissed with a political operation, he recently stated that on 12 September 2012, the administration of TCDD handed over the area of ​​1 million square meters covering Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surroundings to the Presidency of Privatization Administration.

At this point, there is no obstacle in front of the Haydarpaşa looting Muhcu stressed, Haydarpaşa Solidarity components of the decision to open the case for the cancellation and will continue the struggle, he said.

The CHP deputies Kadir Gökmen Öğüt and Haluk Eğidoğan made short speeches, but later on, the theater actor Orhan Aydın, speaking on behalf of the Artists Initiative, said that it was time to steal the battle of the Sultan who wanted to open a war against the sister.

Aydın stated that they showed thousands of people who came together in Taksim by saying kalk no to war çağr and that the Artists Initiative will make a call to stand up against these looters in the coming days.

After the speech of Orhan Aydın, Ufuk Karakoç presented his support for the Haydarpaşa Solidarity with the folk songs.

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