Great Investment in Kestel for Uninterrupted Transportation in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, construction of the ongoing ongoing Bursaray Kestel line on the one hand Ankara, Hacıvat, Balıklı and Deliçay bridges on the one hand, while on the one hand will cost about 20 million TL Kestel Junction also laid the foundation. Reminding that they will do whatever it takes for the development and development of the west of the city, President Altepe said, orsa Someone will talk and produce words. We work day and night, we will continue to produce services, çalış he said.

Concentrating on rail system investments in order to bring radical solutions to the transportation problem in Bursa, and speeding up the works on the Bursaray Kestel line, although it is not in the program this term, the Metropolitan Municipality is a junction that will cost Kestel approximately 20 million TL. kazanyelling. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the renovation of the Hacıvat, Balıklı and Deliçay bridges on the route where the line will pass, laid the foundation of the Kestel Junction so that there will be no more work on the same route in the future. An aesthetic view from the Ankara road to both Bursa and Kestel entrances. kazanIn addition to Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Kestel Mayor Yener Acar, Gürsu Mayor Orhan Özcü, Gemlik Municipality Deputy Mayor Refik Yılmaz, AK Party Provincial President Sedat Yalçın, Bursa City Council President Semih Pala, AK Party Youth Branches. Deputy Chairman Ahmet Kılıç and many guests attended.


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, the eastern part of the city as the development of the development of what is necessary for the development of the promise they gave before the election, the east of the city began to develop investments with the investment they said. Bursaray Kestel line is not in this period of the program, but the comfortable transportation to the region began to work immediately to record President Altepe, the line continues to work rapidly, three routes on the route has been renewed, and finally the Kestel Junction, the implementation of the region for a short period of time with the transportation problem completely eliminated he said he'd get up. Kestel and Gürsu'da 30'ar million TL investments in the infrastructure, they will provide 10 liters of water per second to 10 village of Kestel 9 million TL invested in the recording of President Altepe, swimming pools, fire brigades and sports facilities in the region with the change Stressed that it takes fast. Expressing that their investments in all areas, from transportation to infrastructure, from historical heritage to sports facilities, continued rapidly, her Our support people are from us. Someone's going to steal, he'il stop. We will work and leave works. We'il work day and night. Our task is to produce, to develop our task, to invest, to leave the work, Bizim he said.

President Altepe, Kestel Junction is an investment of 14 million TL, environmental investments together with the investment that will cost around £ X million TL wished to be good for the region.


Bursa Deputy Hüseyin Şahin has also brought another work of the local administration approach to Bursa. kazanHe said that they were happy to be able to go. Reminding that he is from İnegöl, Şahin said, “Since my job is in İnegöl and my home is in Bursa, I come and go to İnegöl every day. Now I am going to Ankara. When you entered this direction 8-10 years ago, there were 20-odd traffic lights up to the Faculty of Medicine. You had to go, stopping at each of them. With the investments made in the past and today under the AK Party government, all these have disappeared and traffic has become fluid. I say this to explain the importance of providing these services with the help of local governments. This intersection project was discussed in the Metropolitan Council about 3 months ago. We are laying the foundation today and hopefully we will finish it in 6 months. But if this job was done by Ankara, 1 year would be spent with planning, we would deal with 6 months approval, we would deal with the budget. In 2 – 2,5 years, this service could only come,” he said. Şahin thanked the President Altepe and his team for the project that will positively affect the transportation of not only Kestel but also the entire Bursa.

Kestel Mayor Yener Acar thanked Mayor Altepe for his support for the projects that add value to Kestel, especially transportation investments.

Following the speeches, the foundation of Kestel Junction was laid by President Altepe and members of the protocol.

Source: UAV

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