even in the coincidence of the devil's mind to cheat!

Ö.Y., caught by attentive passengers, by sticking gum to the section where the coin machine named jetonmatik will be placed at the tram stop in Istanbul Beyazıt, which allows the money to be squeezed.

10-year-old Ö.Y., who had 28 liras out of his pocket, was asked to imprison up to 5 years. This incident, which gave up so much, took place at Beyazıt Tram Stop one month ago. Ö.Y., 28, who was allegedly unemployed, affixed gum to the coin chamber of the coin machine at Beyazıt Tram Stop, where a pound was thrown. The money thrown by those who came to buy coins stuck to the gum. When passengers leave the machine without receiving coins, Ö. Y. pulled the jammed money and took it. Two passengers noticed Ö.Y., which took 10 lira with this method. He reported the situation to the security guards. On top of that, security guards, Ö. Captured a record by catching Y.

Ömer Y. did not accept the charges. Mehmet Tahmaz, the official of Desmar Security Company, who took the responsibility of coin machines, complained to the police and prosecution. VOTE. He was released by the prosecutor's office in the courthouse where he was taken out. He filed a lawsuit with a request for up to 5 years imprisonment for 'theft'. Your case will be heard in Istanbul Criminal Court of First Instance in the coming days.

Source : I www.haberturk.co



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