Germans admire Olympos cable car investment

Olympos Teleferik, known for being the longest ropeway in Europe, is the focus of attention of local and foreign visitors this season. Olympos Teleferik, who came from the points of the tourists who came from all over the world when they came to Antalya, came to the top of the places where the Germans showed great interest.

With the end of the summer season, the number of Germans at the top of the summit that attracts the attention of 3. German tourists who admired the structure and the natural environment said, Tesis A great investment. We visited everywhere in Antalya but we admire it here. Antalya
Olympos Teleferik General Manager Haydar Gumrukcu said in his statement, imiz Olympos Teleferik which is our preferred plant in the name of Alternatif is moving towards the target of 200 thousand passengers carried by this year. We are delighted to see our local foreign guests from all over the world. Dün Europe's longest cable car is located in a unique national park route. Swiss technology and safety standards are applied in the cable car. The summit, which has a full-time ropeway for the whole year, has a Shakespeare Restaurant, the brand of Antalya. 2 meters in the 726 station located on the cable car The sea level of the lower station is the height of the 2365 meter. The height difference is the 1637 meter. 80 people are transported to the top of the cable car with 471 people.

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