Estram Statistics and Planned Lines

Estram Statistics

Overview of Estram in numbers (24 December 2004 - 31 March 2011) [5]

Total number of passengers transported: 184.672.634 passengers
Average number of passengers transported (Weekdays and Saturdays): 97.820 passengers / day
Average number of passengers transported (Sunday): 73.885 passenger / day
Total train km: 9.057.853 km (around 226 tour around the world)
Daily average km .: 4538 km
Total number of trips: 1.080.716 time
Daily average number of trips: 541 time
The day and date of most passengers carried: 114.655 person / day - 14.05.2010
Planned Lines

In addition to the Estram lines, the feasibility reports and survey projects of the new lines including Batıkent, Çamlıca, Yenikent, Çankaya, Ihlamurkent, Emek and 71 Houses were sent to the State Planning Organization to be included in the 2008 program and the construction started. The construction of the rails started in 2012.

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