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Eskisehir tram line
Eskisehir tram line

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Eskişehir Tramway Network is the transportation network in Eskişehir consisting of two lines and a total of 26 stops connecting the two universities of the city. The total line length is 15 km.

Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry company ESTRAM (Eskişehir Tramway Project) won the 2004 World Rail System Award given by UITP (International Public Transport Association). The elements that brought the ESTRAM project, which was built by Yapı Merkezi and its Canadian partner Bombardier, to the world first place in 24 months, were urban sustainable development planning, rail system solution in sustainable transportation, system design, applied high technology and environmental quality management. ESTRAM was certified with TS-EN ISO 28: 2007 on June 9001, 2000.

The Eskişehir Tram Line is a transportation network in Eskişehir, consisting of 7 lines and a total of 61 stops connecting the two universities of the city. Total line length is 45 km and it was built on turnkey basis by Yapı Merkezi.

Founding date: 24 December 2004
Line span: 1.000 mm
System length: 45 km
Train length: 29,5 m
Number of daily passengers: 100.000 (weekdays)
Number of stations: 61

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