İnönü Boulevard, which was closed to traffic in June due to Ankara metro operation, was opened to two-way traffic

İnönü Boulevard, which was closed to traffic in June due to the subway work of Kızılay-Çayyolu, was opened to two-way traffic.

The construction of the subway construction of the capital in the capital of İnönü Boulevard after the direction of Kızılay-Eskişehir, Eskişehir-Kızılay direction opened to traffic. Lightning, who came to İnönü Boulevard and said, ret As a result of the long efforts and efforts of our teams, we made the road open to two-way traffic. Let Ankara be good and auspicious ur.

First car surprise

Minister Yıldırım opened the road following the investigation and stopped the first vehicle to use the Eskisehir-Kizilay route and chatted for a while. Car driver for a long time the road is closed to use, Yildirim'e thanked for the opening.

Open in February

The traffic in both directions is provided on İnönü Boulevard, which is opened after road lines and signs are completed. Yildirim said that the road would be completely opened to traffic in February without any construction machinery and construction remains. Tamamen At the moment the traffic flow in the direction of the road is provided by two lanes. However, our teams will finish their work as soon as possible. İnönü Boulevard will be opened as four lanes towards the end of February. Since we are in spring, there is a very heavy water flow below. This intense flow is forcing our teams. However, there will be no deviation from the date we gave. Ancak

Drivers insist on Merasim Street

The expected intensity was not experienced after Minister Binali Yildirim opened the direction of Inonu Bulvari in the direction of Eskisehir-Kizilay. Vehicle drivers continued to use the Merasim Street, which was shown as an alternative route during the excavation, although there were no plates. Taxi driver Ali Hasan Gülpınar stated that he didn't know about the opening. However, I will use it in the following days. Ancak

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