TV invitation from CHP leader to Topbas

METRO finds high costs CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.
It draws attention to different costs in different lines within Istanbul, and compares it with the cost of İzmir Metro. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş. By implication of corruption.

Topbas, 13 In September, press consultant Faruk Yanardağ signature Kılıçdaroğlu'na sending a letter transferring the cost of the metro. CHP leader's press consultant Baki Ozilhan responds to this.

First, when a Metropolitan Mayor writes a letter to the opposition leader, he does not do so through a press consultant. Sends it with your own signature. It doesn't fit much in kindness. Anyways.

In summing up the letter of Özilhan, who answered the costs reported by Yanardağ, I convey both opinions.
Özilhan writes:

"Kadıköy - Kartal metro 22 km. long. Your rhetoric about your spending 3,1 billion liras on this line has appeared in the press. Accordingly, the cost of the line per km is 141 million liras.

In contrast, your information note dated September 13, 2012 contains the following calculation; Kadıköy - Kartal = $ 1,164,430,287 / 26,5 km = 66.582,275 USD / km. The currency is one dollar 1.80 TL, 116.984,132 TL. Mr. Topbaş, I would like to express with regret that it is not possible to explain the above account with mathematics. Because there is a simple account error. Dividing $ 1,164,430,287 by 26,5 km is not 66.582,275 as shown above. Also, multiplying this number by 1,80, which you have expressed as exchange rate, does not give the number of 116.984,132, which you stated above.

First of all, we regret that the Istanbul BŞB has sent an unchecked account to CHP Headquarters on behalf of the Istanbul administration B.
Topbas in description 22 km. Pendik-Kaynarca line said in the letter 26.5 km. shows 4.5 km. He adds. Özilhan describes this as mek an effort to reduce costs Öz.

Uskudar-Sancaktepe metro km. cost 63 million pounds. . What are the factors that cause more than double the cost difference between these two lines Öz he asks.
Izmir metro cost 56 million pounds reminds. And it adds:

”We would like to inform you that we are ready to address the issue with our accounts on any TV channel for public disclosure“.

Metro costs are very different in Istanbul and Izmir. Topbaş discusses on TV? I think he will first consult Tayyip Erdogan. If he does not appear on TV, will he not accept the accusations of the CHP leader?

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