Hatay to Become Mediterranean Logistics Center - Cenk Özbaykal

Cenk Özbaykal, Coordinator of the Hatay Investment Support Office: Lojistik Within the framework of the prepared Logistics Master Plan, it is aimed to be a new logistics center in the Mediterranean region of Hatay Province.

1, which will be organized for the purpose of bringing the works to make Hatay an important logistics center in the Mediterranean. The Hatay Logistics Summit is organized by Mustafa Kemal University and the Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency (DOĞAKA). Today, Tayfur Sökmen campus will be held at Atatürk Conference Hall.

Cak Ozbaykal, Coordinator of the Hatay Investment Support Office, who gave information on the subject, gave information about the subject, and said the following:

Imiz It was aimed to support the regional economy, industry and trade through the development of the logistics sector in the regional development of the Hatay and Osmaniye provinces. The establishment of a logistics infrastructure that will create synergy with Iskenderun being a logistic base and working with Antakya and Osmaniye. It is aimed to increase the market share of İskenderun in international and national transportation, to improve its competitiveness in the region and to be an important hub port in the Eastern Mediterranean. For the purpose of establishing the logistics infrastructure, it is important to plan the necessary investments, to improve the transportation infrastructures, to take the necessary measures and to fulfill the cooperation and promotional activities among the logistics focal points for this purpose. In order to achieve these objectives within the scope of the ize Hatay and Osmaniye Provinces Logistics Master Plan dı prepared for these purposes, a Logistic Village (Ihtisas Logistics Organized Industrial Zone) is planned in İskenderun, which is a large scale warehouse, where storage functions are predominantly located. In this way, in the province of Antakya, the storage functions were kept less and the logistics center (Ihtisas Logistics Organized Industrial Zone), which doesn't have intermodal transportation, has been taken as the basis for load transfer operation. A second logistics center (Ihtisas Logistics Organized Industrial Zone) is located in Osmaniye in the northern region, with limited storage capacity, not in port hinterland, but with a railway connection.

Other main objectives in this study are:

• To start working on awareness of the emerging logistics sector in the region,

• To provide language unity and understanding among related parties,

• Identify local strategies by compiling global strategies, EU strategies and national strategies related to logistics,

• To reveal the necessity of Logistic Village and Logistics Centers,

• To determine the logistics focuses in the region,

• To create intermodal transportation infrastructure,

• Identify regional needs, including training for the development of logistics

• To determine the alternative areas and business models of Logistic Village and Logistics Centers

Within the framework of the prepared Logistics Master Plan, it is aimed that the province of Hatay is a new logistics center in the Mediterranean region. It will evaluate the passenger and freight traffic which will be the basis of city planning in the Hatay region, and will connect the intermodal system of highway, railway and maritime transportation of port, OIZ and logistics foci. In addition to these, it will support the economic development of the region, create new business areas and create a labor demand, and act as a support to other sectors. The project aims to reduce the environmental problems such as traffic, noise and air pollution for the people of the city, to gather the regional logistics to a center, to ease the urban transportation by regulating the vehicle traffic. The structure will be established with the logistic villages and centers planned to be established by the project and the regional trade and industry chambers, special provincial administrations, municipalities, OIZs, local, national and international logistics companies will be the owner and user of TCDD project.

For the development of the logistics sector, the services provided in the region should be announced on national and international basis. This authority in the logistics sector in Turkey and precious officials of our government institutions that are the responsibility of the association our esteemed heads of related founded Located transport and logistics in Turkey, the country of our national and international logistics companies, authorities, logistics industry in other countries administrators and academics in Iskenderun and to create an information sharing environment.

A meeting was held with the support of the Governor of Hatay Mr. Celalettin Lekesiz and with the support of the Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency and Mustafa Kemal University.

In this context, 18-19 October 2012 History of Antakya Mustafa Kemal University Atatürk Conference Hall 1. Hatay Logistics Summit is organized. In order to introduce the place of Iskenderun in the logistics sector, academic information and the joint work of the industry and the industry together, our valuable speakers, our national press, the logistic sector press and the local press will gather in this meeting. İsk

Following the 2 daily meetings, a port tour will be organized for the participants in the Iskenderun Port.

Source : I hataykentgazetesi.co

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