Alternative Routes on Darmstad Street of Bursa

📩 25/11/2018 14:36

BURSA - Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's modern transportation to the city center in order to transport the Sculpture - Garage tram line works while the traffic flow is provided from alternative routes.

According to the announcement made by the Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality; On the Darmstad Street; between the İpekiş Junction and the Tramadic Road, which started between the Signalize intersection of Çarşamba Avenue on Wednesday; It was stated that it was continuing towards the direction of the City Square via the Spring Street.
Due to the railway laying works on the Darmstad Street and İlkbahar Street, the traffic flow was arranged in a direction from the direction of the City Square towards Stadium Caddesi İpekiş Junction and the roadside parking lots were canceled. The drivers, who are designated as alternative traffic routes and are used as one way, are directed to D-200 highway Merinos Intersection from the Tahir Street, Anadolu Street and Uysal Street route.
In order to prevent traffic congestion, vehicles from Çekirge Street are also allowed to make a U-turn back from the Stadium signalize intersection.


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