Tramway construction in Bursa reached to Altiparmaka

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's Sculpture-Garage T1 Tramway construction works are also continuing at the Feast of Sacrifice. The T1 tramway works carried out by BURULAŞ, the transportation company of the Metropolitan Municipality, will start in Altparmak Street after İnönü Street. The second floor of the Feast of Sacrifice, 26, will begin on Thursday.

According to the statement made by the Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, the 1 of the T4 Tramway line. stage construction work, Eid al-Fitr 2. Starting from the day, the section between Altiparmak Street's Stadium Junction and Çatalfırın intersection will start on the right side of the road according to the west-east direction. Indicating that measures will be taken for traffic regulation during the studies, the authorities urged drivers to be careful about using alternative routes.

During the studies; The two lanes of the road in the direction of Atatürk Street of Altıparmak Street will be organized in such a way that a lane is descended; 10.00 with 16.00 hours 21.00 to 07.00 a strip of descent between the hours, the work to be a lane output. On weekends and special occasions, the 10.00-14.00 and 22.00-07.00 hours will be held as a strip landing and exit. Under the scope of the studies to remove the center median at Altıparmak Street, the Stadium Junction Six Parmak Entrance will not pause and the traffic controls will be increased.

Security measures will be taken for pedestrians at public transport stops and pedestrian crossings. Altıparmak Kuruçeşme Quarter to Altiparmak Street, Bozkurt Street and Hotel Street will be provided as controlled. At the same time, Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi and Haşim İşçan Caddesi will be able to use Bursir Tahir Street and Çarşamba Darmstad Street as an alternative route in the direction of Çekirge and Stadium Junction.

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