Bursa T1 Tramway review and proposal Bursa

Once you have such alternative fences in Bursa before you make such fancy tram. When you close Altıparmak and Atatürk Street, will the citizen go through the narrow streets of Çarşamba, Muradiye or Maksem?

Let's say you're going to Çekirge from Sculpture. This distance is filled with up to 15-20 minutes. But you will have to do a tour of Uluyol-Kent Square-Atatürk Stadium-Altıparmak with the tram that Mr. Recep Altepe has not been able to finish. You won't end up here, and you're going down at Altıparmak, and you're taking the locust. Of course you will experience the same ordeal on the turn.

The other thing I do not understand is that the Metropolitan need to extend the nostalgic tramway to Mesken. This project was based on Istiklal Street. So it was just a city ornament. As far as I know, there was no need to extend the tram on Istiklal Street any further.

Again, there is an innovation in the city, then why the old model tram is preferred. Isn't that much of nostalgia?

After all this criticism, I have a suggestion. The tram between Meydancık and Zafer Plaza should travel seven days a week and more frequently. Because these are tourist areas. At least it becomes touristic value.

Source: New Era

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:46

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