Bursa Fast train stuck on station problems

Bursa Fast train stuck on station problems

The problem of the route was solved from two critical problems for the arrival of the high-speed train to Bursa. But station problems cannot be overcome. The station in Yenişehir is against the municipality. The Bursa Station, which was taken to the edge of Mudanya Road despite the suggestions of Metropolitan Municipality, was put into the expropriation ine

Looking at the statement made by TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, the high-speed train is expected to reach Bursa in 2015.

AK Party Bursa deputy Mustafa Ozturk, the general manager evaluating the technical information of the high-speed train to Bursa is coming quickly, he said.
Target is really important.
When we look at the process up to now, we have seen that the high-speed train is not able to speed or accelerate in either way.
One route, one station.
The problem of the route between Yenişehir and Bursa has been solved. The high-speed train line was taken to the edge of the Ring Road. But station problems have not yet been overcome.
Kazıklı Station, which lost its time due to initial insistence, was removed from the project but Bursa and Yenişehir stations could not be concluded.
The station to be built in Yenişehir is against Yenişehir Municipality. The Metropolitan Municipality is constantly recommending TCDD to change the location of Bursa Station.
It should be accepted ...
The Metropolitan's recommendations are for the integration of transport projects. New transportation master plan targets should be taken into consideration.
The location of the Bursa Station is close to the Döreavuş or close to the intersection of the Ring Road to İzmir, in order to be close to the Terminal.
TCDD gave up the station in Balat between the forest and Nilufer Stream. At the exit of the gate for the station, the site of the concrete terminal belonging to Sinta, which is still in Balat borders, was found suitable.
The expropriation also began for this land on the edge of Mudanya Road.
Rıza expropriation is not accepted and the issue is reflected in the judiciary. Mustafa Ozturk, the AK Party deputy in Bursa, said in his statement that kamu the court will immediately be deposited into the bank when the nationality approves the cost türk.
At this point it is possible to say:
Yes, it is not bad to take the fast train station to the edge of Mudanya Road as an easily accessible place. But this place is not suitable for the transportation planning of the Metropolitan and the zoning targets in the region.
We have not understood that Ankara is insisting on the proposal of the municipality and is so insistent.
Besides, Kal
Stuck in station problems, the high speed train does not seem to be coming at the targeted time because it cannot overcome the obstacles in front of it.
We hope we'il be wrong.

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