Logistics Support to Bursa Industry from BEBKA

Logistic support from bebka to Bursa industry
Logistic support from bebka to Bursa industry

Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) will transfer TL 72 thousand TL for the feasibility studies of the Logistics Village Project, which will be the first of its kind in Bursa, within the scope of the Direct Activity Support Program of the Bursa Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (BUSİAD). Bursa Deputy Governor Ahmet Hamdi Usta, BUSİAD President Oya Coşkunöz Yöney, Board of Directors members, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Bayram Vardar, BEBKA Secretary General Mehmet Sait Cülfik and academicians attended the signing ceremony of BEBKA's BUTTİM office.

BUSIAD President Oya Coşkunöz Yöney in his speech at the signing ceremony, said it is very important work for the Logistics Village Project Bursa, "Bursa, the second largest city in Turkey's exports. Four important sectors such as food, automotive, textile and machinery operate in our province. We think that Logistics Village is an essential element in a place with such a large industry. Bu Mr. Yöney stated that the idea of ​​making Logistics Village came to the fore in order to increase the efficiency of logistics and also to alleviate the growing city traffic. Şehir Our industry will be more efficient with the logistics village. In this project, both our municipality and governorate and BEBKA together with us. I would like to thank BEBKA for supporting us. B

Making an assessment on supporting the feasibility study of the Logistics Village Project, BEBKA Secretary General Dr. Mehmet Sait Cülfik, on the other hand, accelerated regional development such as Logistics Village under the title of direct activity support of development agencies. kazanHe said that he provided support to strategic research, planning and feasibility studies. Cülfik, who underlined that as BEBKA, they directly supported 19 projects within the scope of the activity support program last year, expressed that the support continues this year as well. Emphasizing that Bursa is an important industrial city, Cülfik said:

Tir Production means logistics. Therefore, it is very important that the goods produced in Bursa are opened to the world Val We are pleased to see that such a project is being carried out with the participation of BUSİAD, Büyükşehir Municipality and Governorship of our industry. I hope that we will meet again with the presentations of our feasibility studies after about 3 months. Izi Mehmet Sait Culfik, the project for the feasibility studies of the whole of the 72 thousand pounds, BEBKA'nın gave support information.

Bursa Governor's Office, Bursa to be a brand in the city to provide all kinds of support they need to start by specifying the Deputy Governor of Bursa Ahmet Hamdi Usta, the study gave the following information about the process:

Arama When the governor of the logistics village took a warm look, we made a study conference with BUSİAD. Later on, a feasibility study was made in Bursa by applying to 2012 Direct Activity Support Program through BEBKA. Daha

In Europe, mainly in Germany, particularly 33 logistics center operating in the Master, faaliyet Bursa and all over the world is now very valuable land. Many sectors are spread over different areas. Especially in areas where the prices of square meters in OIZs are very valuable, warehouses are inefficient. But when you build a logistic village center, you will gather the formations that do similar work. Both these will come together and the traffic in the city will be mitigated. This will also prevent environmental pollution and noise. In addition, the city will provide employment, Bun he said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Bayram Vardar, nowadays that the cities came to a state of competitiveness, and Bursa will soon be a metropolis that exceeds his country, he said. Vardar stated that Bursa will be a serious logistics center with its high speed train project, and the sea and highway project will be a very complementary element in this direction.

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