President Akaydın and light rail system in Antalya

Mustafa Akaydın, the CHP President of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, said: ayd Mustafa Akaydın is not to be criticized. No vard Mustafa Akaydın has many aspects to be criticized. You like or don't like the services. However, to act on Mustafa Akaydın's actions, we need to reveal the actions of Menderes Türel, who was the mayor of the previous term, and show how he was disgraced by the money of a city.

In the period of Menderes Türel, there were two main investments that changed the face of Antalya. Underpasses and light rail system investments surrounding Antalya city center milyonlar And the same Menderes Türel tried to tell the people of Antalya how they invested millions of dollars in Antalya with posters on all sides of Antalya on the eve of the election. There is no sense of telling how the light rail system, which is one of the two investments seen in the eye, is making the urban traffic in Antalya disgrace. The investment they call light rail system constitutes the main investment item in the expenditures made. For the sake of the light rail system, do I need to know the infamous state of Sharampol Street, the infamous state of İsmetpaşa Street, the infamous state of Ali Çetinkaya Street and ultimately the disgrace of Aspendos Boulevard?

In the streets I have mentioned, the light rail is in the middle median and only the single vehicle passes to the end of the room on the roads that are left on the middle median sides and left on vehicle traffic. On these roads, the two vehicles cannot be on their side. In the event of an accident or any other problem, under no circumstances what ambulance, safety, or fire brigade may enter these roads. I mean, it's great! is an investment in light rail system. A genius! production.


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