Minister Yıldırım: "Our citizen is proud of YHT"

Minister Yıldırım made a public opinion survey for the determination of the demands of the citizens of the period, according to the latest survey of the results of interesting poll results emerged.

According to the survey, citizens, no matter what the cost, 80 percent Stating that he wanted to proceed with the construction of high-speed rail line, while the ratio of those who believe upgrade to high-speed trains in Turkey in developed countries leagues that found 65 per cent was noticed. Pointing out that 77 percent of the respondents saw the high-speed train as the success of the government and the state, Yıldırım said:

“While 80 percent of those who believe that the high speed train will develop their city in economic, commercial and tourism aspects, 90 percent express that they are proud of the high speed train.

One thing that these results show is that; he believes that development and development of our high-speed train is one of the indispensables of being a reputable country in the world. This perception, this expectation means better service for us, more working. Each condition has a high speed train in Turkey wanting. Our people are open to innovation. The rapid adoption of high-speed train on the social scale and the formation of the demands for this is an example that should be examined separately. Of course, this has consequences for long-term, periodic demographic movements, change of urbanization and migration tendencies.

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