They came for the cable car project planned to be built in Babadağ

Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of South Aegean Development Agency officials and officials came to Fethiye. Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Akif hosted by Arıcan Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of the Investor Services Department Chairman Mustafa Rumeli, Chief Project Director Ismail Erşahin, Project Director Mahmoud Muhiddin sharp; GEKA'dan Promotion and External Relations Unit President Gökhan Dinç, Expert Hüseyin Çiftçi made investigations in Babadağ.

Guests are welcomed at Zirve Cafe at the altitude of 1700 in Babadağ; They received information about the Babadag cable car project. FTSO President Akif Arıcan told the experts about the ropeway project and detailed information about the project was necessary for our district. Babikag ropeway project, informing the authorities Arıcan Chamber President, ile Oludeniz is a world brand of course. Babadag is the only example in the world with the outbreak of the flight track. You jump off the mountain and go down to the sea. If this is a cable car, it is easier to reach this magnificent view; It will be more economical. More customers will be available for parachute flight ler The facilities here will increase their entry into the national economy. The ropeway will be very effective in attracting people here and marketing it to the world. With the new runway areas to be opened here, 12 will catch the moon tourism and flight chances. Burada

Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency officials with the South Aegean Development Agency officials to the project is preferably performed by an outside investor instead of Fethiye transferred to the President ARICAN, continued Kaya village of phone traffic with the guests. President Arıcan both Babadağ and the Rock Village views and beauty of the guests who are fascinated by the problems of the development of rock in the reflection of the citizens told the reflection.

While leaving our district, a wide range of files including plans for the Ropeway Project, the stage reached and planning for the future were presented.

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