The cable car was reopened on the insistence of Aydınlı Haber

The cable car facilities between Aydın Municipality and Aytepe Mesire area were reopened on the inscriptions of AYDINLI Haber.
2008 in the year by the Mayor Ilhami Ortekin 3,5 million pounds (three and a half trillion) was built and closed immediately after the elections, the cable car facilities were waiting in the idle state since that day. Mayor Özlem Çerçioğlu said that he would open up the public service on May one, and then a August.
Despite all of these, but can not be opened, however, AYDINLI News in the face of the public broadcasts in front of the public services Pınarbaşı Teleferik facilities opened, before the public free use of public access was provided.
It was learned that approximately one thousand people benefited from the facility which opened at ten o'clock in the morning and remained open until the evening 16.
6 cabins will be provided to the public after the holiday.
Citizens who are satisfied with this situation. Thanks to Aydın Municipality, they drew attention to the fact that such a facility is idle. Teleferik attracted the attention of the guests coming from the neighboring provinces as well as the intellectuals and became most preferred by children and young people.
Our team who went to the scene to see the opening of the cable car facilities and the opening of the Aytepe Mesire area again showed the negatives.
After the exit, the cabs were prepared to return and the technical team was called.
After a short period of work in the technical team, the ropeway was restored and returned to the main control center.

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