The controls of the rail system that will carry the pilgrims to Mina in Arafat have been completed.

The Saudi Arabian government has stepped up its efforts for the Arafat Foundation, one of the most important pilgrimages. The controls of the rail system that will carry the pilgrims to Mina in Arafat have been completed. As in previous years, Turkish pilgrims will be taken to Arafat from the road number 9 by buses in three trips of 25 thousand each.

Pilgrims who reach Makkah-i Mükerreme from all over the world visit Cebel-i Rahme Hill in advance, as there are millions of people in the Arafat Plain during their endowment time. However, on the hill where Prophet Adam and Eve meet, the Saudite officials prevent the visitors from making their prayers. Muslims continue to visit this historical place, ignoring these warnings of the Saudis who try to prevent the visit by stating that it will be bidat to see visiting this hill as a worship. The rail system, whose construction was completed last year in order to bring the pilgrims in Arafat to Mina, will be operated at full capacity this year. However, the rail system will be able to be used by pilgrims from the Gulf Arab countries and from inside Saudi Arabia. Turkish pilgrims, as in previous years, will be taken to Arafat Plain by buses from 16.00:02.00 on Terviye until XNUMX:XNUMX, which is the beginning of aperitif. Patients will also be taken from hospitals by ambulances and taken to Arafat to become pilgrims. In addition, for the first time this year, the Directorate of Religious Affairs will distribute garbage bags to Turkish pilgrims in order to prevent the scattering of garbage in the Arafat Plain.

As the refurbishment of air-conditioned tents begins in Arafat and Mina, the infrastructure is also being renewed. While GSM companies strengthened the network by establishing new stations, mobile stations loaded on TIRs were placed in some regions. 3 million pilgrims are able to talk comfortably with their mobile phones in Arafat. While the bad roads are paved in Arafat, some of the main routes are expanded and new paving stones are laid. In addition, hospitals and polyclinics serving in Arafat are supplied. Tent building procedures started in Arafat. Faults in toilets in some regions are also fixed.

The Press Office of the Presidency of Religious Affairs took Turkish journalists from Mecca i Mükerreme to the Arafat Plain, allowing them to examine the works on site. Turkish pilgrims stated that when they climbed Cebel-i Rahme, their greatest desires in the world came true. Despite their advanced age and their difficulty climbing the steep slopes, Turkish pilgrims do not complain about their situation. Indicating that their greatest aspirations in life have been fulfilled, the pilgrim candidates pray to them by chanting the names of their friends, saying 'Remember me when you go to Cebel i Rahme' when they are in their hometown. Turkish pilgrims also complain of peddlers and beggar children who invaded Cebel-i Rahme Hill.

When the Arafat Plain, which the Saudi authorities have afforested, is viewed from above, the saying of the Prophet, "Doomsday will not come without a forest" is remembered. The Arafat Plain, which begins to green with the increase in the number of trees and is fed by autumn rains, is becoming greener with each passing year in accordance with the hadith. The Arafat Foundation, which is the most important of the three fards of hajj, is held one day before the eid. Turkish pilgrims are brought to Arafat on the day of telviye, that is, the day before the day of eve, by buses rented by the Directorate of Religious Affairs. Pilgrims, who perform their prayers and prayers in tents until the morning, combine the noon and afternoon prayers after the waqf prayer on the day of the day and move to Muzdalifah after the sunset. The pilgrims who collect 70 stones the size of a chickpea from Muzdalifah spend a part of the night here and stop at the Muzdalifah Foundation. The next day, pilgrims start throwing stones at the devil grinding point called Cemerat in Mina. Saudi authorities prevented congestion in the area by building the fourth floor the previous year at the three-story devil's grinding point. Since it is obligatory for those in the Shafi sect to stay in Mina for 3 days, the tents set up for these pilgrims are covered with plasterboard and made more useful.

Source: Media 73

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