Scorching water from the wall at Ankaray's College Station

Water leaking from the wall at Ankaray-Kolej station caused small deposits. İMO, which started work on the image that frightens the capitalists, claimed that the subway carries a risk if the problems caused by the insulation are not eliminated.

The water leaked from the wall at the subway station in Ankaray scared the Capitals. Selim Tulumtaş, Ankara Branch President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, stated that they had been working on the leak in the station.

Insulation has problems

Voicing that there may be trouble in the isolation of the box through which the Ankaray line passes, said Tulumtaş.
Ir It is not a problem that streams and water resources pass near the subway or structures. Just insulate the structures properly. The college is leaking water due to the lack of insulation. It also poses a risk to the extent that it is not resolved. If the structure was waterproof, no leakage would occur.

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