Ankara-sivas Yht project has a great interest in the construction of the latest infrastructure construction tender

Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project, which is the last leg of the Kayas-Kırıkkale infrastructure construction of the construction of the tender, 13 firm bid. The lowest bid in the tender, with the 674 million 960 thousand 450 lira Sogut Construction Contracting Petrol Ltd. It came from.

According to the information obtained from the AA correspondent, the construction of the infrastructure construction of the Kayas-Kirikkale tender 4 was held in October at the Conference Hall of the General Directorate of TCDD.

Companies in the said section "V7-V9-V10-V15" was excluded from the viaducts showed great interest in the tender firms. 13 company / business partnership bid and the approximate cost 1 billion 601 pounds 112,20 pounds 674 pounds 960 million 450 thousand XNUMX pounds with the Söğüt Construction Commitment Petrol Mad. Food Nak. Domestic and Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti. He gave.

One of the starting line-forming core network in the High Speed ​​Train project in Turkey and Yerkoy-continuation of the work of construction in Sivas had the Ankara-Sivas of the High Speed ​​Train Project Kırıkkale-Yerkoy (Section II) offers the international tender 15 was taken in May 2012.

When the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Line, which is planned to be completed in 2015, will be put into service, the travel time between the two cities will be 405 hours 1 minutes, and between Sivas and Istanbul the 50 hours will be.

Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project, which is the last leg of the Kayas-Kırıkkale construction of the tender for the construction of the tender and the firms that bid the following amounts:

Bidders' Name Bid amount (TL)

1-Mürsel Construction-Ermit Eng. İnş-Yörük Yapı-Cemiloğlu Group 879.949.650,00

2-Acciona Infraestructruras, SA 999.947.482,43

3-Gülermak Heavy Industry-Koçoğlu Construction 893.956.702,43

4-Doğuş Construction-Gülsan Construction 698.000.000,00

5-YSE Building Industry and Trade Inc. 873.444.000,00

6-Özce Construction-Özkar Construction Industry-Özaltın -NTF Construction 949.246.600,00

7-Willow Construction Contracting Oil 674.960.450,00

8-Yertaş Construction Tourism-STY Construction 801.457.360,00

9-Seza Construction - Opening Construction 714.449.099,00

10-Kolin Construction - Cengiz Construction-Limak Construction -Mapa Construction 914.863.368,49

11-Azer Construction-Özgün Construction Industry and Trade Inc. 888.888.888,88

12-Fermak Construction -Nas Construction 776.858.940,00

13-Akkord Sanaye Tikinti İnvestisiya Koorporia ASC 965.976.003,99

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