Ankara, Inonu Boulevard 2 to be opened to traffic during the day

Facing the opening of the boulevard setting
İnönü Boulevard, which is closed to traffic during the construction of Çayyolu-Kızılay metro and planned to be opened to traffic on one way, has not been opened today. Minister Yildirim, who examined the area, said that the boulevard will open one way after the work on traffic safety.

During the construction of the Çayyolu-Kızılay subway, İnönü Boulevard, which is closed to traffic for 108 days and planned to be opened to traffic as a one-way today, was not opened today.
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, examined the work on the boulevard. Minister Yildirim, said that the work on traffic safety did not find enough for one more day to give instructions to work, he said. Lightning, putting the necessary barriers, to draw the lines, direction boards need to make a day more by transferring, "Tomorrow or at the latest after the other day in the morning here two lines will open to traffic as two lanes," he said. Lightning said about the work.
We're closed for safety.

Our target is to complete and open the line in October next year at the latest. For him, there are very intensive works in the area of ​​200-250 meters especially in İnönü Boulevard where there are General Staff and Air Forces Commanders. The work was originally planned to be under traffic. However, we saw that this was not correct in terms of safety and we had to close the area as of June, considering the summer holidays.

Tunnel opened from scratch

This is where the traffic from the center of Ankara and Kizilay, the most distributed because of the closed area of ​​Ankara traffic seriously buried the other corridors. So our friends here work day and night without the 24 hours, they did without holiday. There's also a tunnel under the road. This tunnel is completely open from scratch and is currently being attempted to complete.

I wanted to see it before it opened

From the Kızılay to the Eskişehir road towards the east-west axis, the direction of the west to open shortly after the Kizilay'a Çayyolu'dan we think that we will open the way from Eskisehir. I said I should see a place before the opening. I've examined almost ready for the opening, but a number of traffic safety studies did not find enough so I said one day to work no matter. One day more necessary side barriers to be placed, drawing lines, orientation boards, they need a day more for them.

The following day opens

Tomorrow, or at the latest after the other day in the morning, two lines will be open to traffic as two lanes. Thus, at least the route from Kızılay to Eskişehir is a partial relief. The 10-15 can also be opened from the side in the day. The construction of diaphragm walls continues rapidly. These are completed, after the fillings of the upper parts of the boulevard towards Eskisehir from Kizilye road will be opened. Ankara's east-west axis will be completely given its route.

There is serious infrastructure under Ankara

Metro constructions are going as planned. From time to time there are unexpected developments. We're working under ground. There is a serious infrastructure under Ankara. It is not a comfortable floor, but the transitions of various organizations. It has a negative effect on our work and some of the past events, but even though our friends work harder, they are closing this gap, but it is going as planned. There is no development that will change any of our plans.

Our goal is not to keep the Ankara waiting

We haven't been in this year. We are going to complete a year in the coming April, so we are in an extraordinary work. Our aim is not to make Ankara wait more for the Ankara subways and to relax the public transportation as well as to stop the traffic shortage in Ankara as soon as possible because of this work we have done under the traffic.

Red Crescent-Çayyolu 2013 in October

So I guess we will have a lot of work done on the ground in a few months. On the surface activities pedestrian, vehicle traffic will be completely returned to the normal course. But our work under the ground will continue to accelerate. Until the beginning of Christmas we will have built the first source of rail. Then the signal, the electro mechanization, and finally the vehicles will come. We will start testing the vehicles, we will bring this line (Red Crescent-Çayyolu) in 2013 October.

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