A Finicular System Coming Between Ankara Esertepe and Etlik

The 180 thousand square meters of empty space between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Esertepe and Etlik will be turned into a recreation area where every detail from the mountain sledge to the funicular elevator will take place. 180 thousand square meters of recreation area is planned from the Metropolitan to Esertepe.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, between the Esertepe and Etlik 180 thousand square meters of empty space, mountain slides, a funicular elevator will be turned into a recreation area where every detail will take place.

The Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a project like Dikmen Valley which will breathe the most distressed area of ​​Kecioren, Esertepe. Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gökçek said that they will make a breath-taking recreation area for Esertepe. Mr. Gökçek, who visited the area where he visited with TOKI Vice President Ayşe Çalkan, stated that the 180 thousand square meter area was purchased from TOKİ and added, gez We will make a big park in this area. A park that will be the shining star of Keçiören. It will be very beautiful like Dikmen Valley. Dik

Mayor Gökçek stated that in the valley-shaped area between Esertepe and Etlik, there will be mountain sleds and children's playgrounds for children, and also an elevator system called funicular will be established so that the citizens going down can go up again, “There are also camellias, cafes, walking paths and fitness groups here. will take and turn into a magnificent space. " he spoke. Examining the area on site, with citizens sohbet Mayor Gökçek answered his questions and said, “The things to be done will not be limited to this. We will perform a fountain show like in the Youth Park in a large pool below this park. " said.

Gökçek stated that the work to be carried out in an empty area with a view of Ankara is an invaluable blessing for Esertepe, Etlik and Yayla neighborhoods which are connected to Keçiören district. There is no other area in this region that we can do such a study. All buildings are intertwined. The work we will do here, will breathe all of Keçiören. Burada

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  1. If you do the valley before the election of the president, you will be sacrificed