ANADOLU EXPRESSION: A door opening to lonely night between Ankara and Istanbul

Tren They traveled on good and bad trains. The lights went out on a train when they stopped at the station. Sometimes they were waiting for the train coming in opposite directions for hours in the dark. They were embarrassed to tell the young journalist that they had no address. However, they could show the train as an address. How could they not have thought? How to leave your new address to your old house when you meet a person from a house. It was the beginning of a kind of homelessness that we came together with a friend from the neighborhood, where we met the same university - and one on our own, where we won - and after years in London we met again in the same desolation. We were going to realize it after years. We couldn't imagine that we could show the night trains we used to spend at home while we were moving from one house to another.

These journeys had some details to be taken care of. According to a recommendation stolen from past experiences, night trains would be very cool in winter if it was very hot. And he was firmly vindicated and justified in his firm belief that the country would not change in spite of time. In winter, in the case of a thin underwear, a jacket in the spring always kept their place in our bags as the indispensables of these journeys. These journeys, along with all his other details, would leave a sediment that resembled a mysterious ritual. When the train departs from Ankara in the dark of the night, it is as if a door closes. Kadikoy-Karakoy ferry service or Kizilay-Gar walks between the ceremonies to prepare for this journey on the threshold. The human being matured a little more about his homelessness in every journey, he would learn to persevere.

I stayed in Ankara for ten years because of this trip and I always tried to get out on a night train between Ankara and Istanbul. Anadolu Ekspresi was the preference of our small congregation in pursuit of the same sediment. The train at 22.00 was more expensive than the East Express, which is cheaper and cheaper - indeed, the fact that we bought the 18 hour between Ankara and Istanbul is a matter of fact. On the other hand, the Fatih Express, which departed at the 23.30 was overly fussy lı Both, how to say now, was the work of a little more middle-class roads. For, they were willing to fall asleep as soon as they got on the train, for a moment and to come to Istanbul before us - and of course they were willing to pay the difference of this luxury. After we leave our bags, we will spend the most part of the journey, we will spend most of the journey.

The homeless people who appeared on the brink of night travel seemed as though we had a tacit contract between our congregation and other passengers. Some of our sad-jennings, which they may not endure in their stable lives, were drawn to the night with frightened eyebrows overshadowed by a smiling smile. After all, we all knew that one night on the train would open a strange area exempted from the establishment. Sometimes we hesitate a primary school friend of our school coincided with a glass of coffee and sometimes we would be friends from Eskişehir to join our table. Sometimes ...


In this country, I felt most at home in the Anatolian Express boat. Therefore, after a year of separation from the 6 again in a state of homelessness in Ankara (k) return to me the most debilitated these days I have been deprived of these journeys. Our timeless-space is the victim of all those who hear a terrible aesthetic appetite for the fastest of all kinds of mechanics. Were we all the travelers of the day, the distance between Ankara and Istanbul shorter than one night?

But maybe ark Sometimes it's a dream or all of our sufferings ler Now, when you look through a train window you don't already Ama


In the social life of the country, it is unlikely that they will coincide with the place of the night train journey.

Haluk Sahin of his trip to the village where he was born with his father in 1989 hikâyeleştir the pain Return novel from the Bronze Age to Yönder by adapted to the cinema in the year 1993 the same name, the film 1930 from one another in Turkey in 1980 the last one night trip recalled his country he was in contact with the still current blood pressure .

Another film is less well known. 1992 on 4. Melih Kançelik, who won the first prize in the video production branch at the Ankara International Film Festival, wonders each other in the compartment of five people gathered in a compartment, but watch the unassailable relationships. At midnight, the train stops at the "uneasiness" station with all the hours. Moments 11 The night connecting September to 12 is September.

By Besim Can

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