Aksaray Governor Selami Altınok: The Most Important Project For Me The Connection Of The Railway To Aksaray

Aksaray Governor Selami Altınok said that connecting the railway, which comes to the Ulukışla district of Niğde to Aksaray, is the most important issue that needs to be resolved in the province. Altınok said, “If we can connect the railway to Aksaray via Niğde Ulukışla, both industry and agriculture and animal husbandry will accelerate rapidly. kazanwe can be a cause. This is the project that needs to be done and run most urgently in Aksaray.” said.

Speaking to Cihan News Agency, Aksaray Governor Selami Altınok stated that the most important and most important project of the province is the railway and said: “I think the most important project in Aksaray is the railway. The tender for the project is ready. If we can connect that railway to Ulukışla as soon as possible, our industry, agriculture and animal husbandry will accelerate faster. kazanwe can be a cause. This is the project that needs to be done and run most urgently in Aksaray. In Turkey, these issues began to be considered very quickly. Leave the high-speed train in the past, 'how is the train?' Thanks to God, at the point where we have come from an environment that is thought to be, today, Konya - Ankara - Eskişehir - Ankara is working. Istanbul connection is very fast. As far as I know, the Ankara-Sivas route will end by 2014. Then Sivas, Erzurum will be connected to the Caucasus. Maybe Kayseri or Antalya connection from Ankara is being considered. These are very good developments. In addition, Aksaray will benefit from all of these projects. Because no matter where our government builds the railway, 'Aksaray will benefit from all of them with the advantage of its geographical structure and transit route?' I think. This is the biggest advantage of Aksaray's location. This advantage should also be used well.” he said.


Governor Selami Altınok emphasized that the Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone had developed considerably with the Incentive Law No. 2004 in 5084 and gave the following information: “When the advantages of the latest incentive law were added to this, Aksaray started to receive serious investments. Our government made positive discrimination against Aksaray. There is a very high demand for our OSB. Maybe we will fill in the second part in the coming months. In my opinion, one of the most important tasks in the near future is these incentives. It is not just industry-based incentives. For example, livestock support is also very important. There is a very intensive agriculture and livestock support. Finally, Aksaray OIZ with agriculture and livestock supports kazanmike When we look today, we have many different factories built on the agriculture and livestock sector. This shows that agriculture and animal husbandry are developing.” he said.


He said the villages of Aksaray Governor also mentioned Altınok said: "Our village is located slightly above the average of Turkey. So we are not bad. There is no road problem, especially drinking water. Of course, there are some bad roads, but these are roads that require maintenance and are done over time. " Referring to the importance of agricultural irrigation, Governor Altınok gave the following information: “Agricultural irrigation is extremely important in Aksaray. Within the scope of the Konya Plain Project, the government transfers financial resources to us, Konya, Niğde and Karaman for agricultural irrigation support. In that sense, the projects continue. We have built our basic infrastructure, we should strive to deliver faster and the service desired by the citizen. We have to make slowness more dynamic. "


Saying that wild irrigation had been done in Aksaray until some time ago, Governor Altınok continued his speech as follows: sulama Drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation is very important. We are not a rich city in terms of water. There has already been a mental transformation in Aksaray. First and foremost, we have to use our water that is available no matter what we think is more economical and more economical. For example, what should we do, first of all we should not take the water open. There is a serious loss. Evaporation rate is very high, and also the fracture cracks and half of them notice. We are not as rich as the Central Anatolia Region. We must use our water very well. We also have to drop the sprinkling and drip irrigation. The government has very important support in dripping. If the cost is 100 lyre, it gives the state 50. We have to give it a lot. Buna


Evaluating Aksaray's tourism, Governor Altınok said: “Aksaray is at a very good point in tourism. But of course we must bring it to a much better point. Our annual tourist number is nearly 700 thousand. Of course, most of this is the tourist of Ihlara Valley. After that, Sultanhanı and other ruins. We need to consider our own property boundaries as a whole. In other words, we need to be able to show the people who come to the Ili Mosque, Eğri minaret, Zinciriye Madrasa, Somuncu Baba, Ervah Cemetery, that is, the works that reflect the spirit of Turks and Muslims with this spiritual past. Those who come to Nevşehir see the Ihlara Valley and never stop by Aksaray. Those who come to Sultanhanı may stop by this side but it is not enough. We have historical tourist monuments, historical sites and hundreds of underground cities, which are very important in our region. When we look at the city center, it is a city center full of Seljuk artifacts. We need to evaluate and promote them better. "

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