Where's the light rail going?

The title of my article yesterday was “Heavy Contradictions on Light Rail” and the subject was contradictory numbers in the number of passengers. Contradictions are not limited to the number of passengers; information pollution exists in almost every subject. Discrepancies from the route to the cost remain in newspaper archives, annual reports and websites. The misfortune of the system started with the insistence and persistence of the Ondokuz Mayıs University. It would not come out, or rather it would not come out, but this fact was hidden from the public - although it is well known to the public. Even the Prime Minister was provided with wrong information and even he was able to speak this wrong information. The fact that the system would not be able to go to university was confessed years later by the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality in the 'City Council' with the following words: “The rail system had a slope problem. It cannot go beyond a certain slope. The university is at a steep point. ” Was it unknown from the beginning? Elbet was known, but let's not break anybody and say that the people were fooled - let's say they were hidden from the real people.
The wrong information about the route is not just that. Now let's look at the words that President Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said on September 10, 2010: If the system feeds itself, we plan to extend it from the Gar Crossroads to the Municipalities. We are planning to reach Tekkeköy as well. In a third stage, we aim to deliver it to the university. We aim to deliver it to the bus station in the next stage. We will do it step by step. We are planning to reach the places where our city should be within 10 years. We aim to eliminate traffic pollution with the modern transportation system. ”
The crucial point of this conversation is hidden in the statement kendi the system feeds itself Bu. In The point where imagination is involved or where political discourse covers scientific facts is the point of da reaching the bus terminal “. There is the problem of overcoming the threshold to the south of the city and the bus terminal has a passenger potential problem. Secretary General Kenan Şara makes the same statement at the same meeting and explains why they are not going in that direction.
“Passenger transportation at the bus station will be minimized. There are also studies for the construction of a high-speed train. High speed train construction is envisaged from Samsun to Istanbul. The citizen will choose the train that goes at 250 kilometers per hour. Bus station potential will decrease. Fortunately, we sold the bus station and got rid of it. It doesn't cost a quarter if we sell it now. ”
Is it a shame to say "good morning"? Mr. Shara defends a dream to give up the project; another dream project that no one has ever heard or voiced until that day takes refuge in the Samsun-İstanbul High Speed ​​Train Project. A slight transition from one dream to another dream!
In fact, President Yılmaz's light rail route is at breakfast tables or at the friendly sohbetThe frequent change of the city is not limited to the bus station. Two years ago, at a breakfast he had with a group of tradesmen, he announced that he would introduce the light rail system into the city from the route of Liman Junction-Istiklal Caddesi-56's and Kılıçdede Mosque.
Whether the light rail system goes to Taflan in the west or Tekkeköy in the east, how it goes is not clear today, but at least it is very clear that it will not go in the near term. President Yilmaz personally says this, but if he pays some attention, he says it in an understandable way: “You appreciate that this is a big project. Currently, we are planning to construct the part from the Gar station point to the Municipalities junction in 2012 and to carry out its construction this year. The rail system up to Taflan at the airport will reach a distance of 48 kilometers in the coming years. Of course, this requires a process, resource planning. It's a job that will happen over time. ”
Isn't it clear that mi resource planning and the need for time “? Isn't it necessary to be a little bit naive or too dreamy to get light rail system headlines from early morning and build dreams? The point that should be emphasized in this talk is: The projection and construction of the Gar-City Houses project in 2012 in the same year. This is what should be asked and questioned. Seventy days left before 2012 was over.
The Taflan-Tekkeköy line is a long-term plan description. What we're doing is what we're doing, to process this idea into the newly prepared zoning plan 50 bin and 5 binaries. An information note: The Samsun light rail system could be put into operation prematurely after thirty years after it was processed in the Samsun Master Plan on 1980.

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