RayHABER As a Family, We Celebrate Your Republic Day

RayHABER As a Family, We Celebrate Your Republic Day

89 anniversary we celebrate with pride and pleasure of the Republic of Turkey. The Republic is the result of a great victory of a nation that has lost everything, as a result of the national struggle it has undertaken in order to gain national independence. Therefore, the great Turkish Nation, himself entrusted the Republic of Turkey, to bring the peace and prosperous future undoubtedly will work with the hands of the union, Ataturk's principles and revolutions will always be with in every position. In these days when our Republic celebrates the 89 year, we are determined and determined to walk to the future with great hope, faith and effort. We attach more importance to the indivisible integrity of our country and the unity of our nation than ever before. With these feelings and thoughts, the founder of our republic, the Great Leader Atatürk and his fellow soldiers, for the homeland of which he cherished the blood of this martyrs who poured their blood to this soil once again with mercy and gratitude,RayHABER As a family, we celebrate your Republic Day with heart and heart.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:59

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