Turkish goods will be distributed to Europe by sea and rail

Turkish goods will be distributed over Luxembourg via the sea and railroad to European market with much less fuel.

The new train line, which has been in service since mid-September and will carry passengers between Trieste, Italy and Bettemburg, Luxembourg, is expected to strengthen its position as a Western European transportation hub. by sea from Turkey to Trieste, is scheduled to depart three times a week in the arrival time of the train line will be moved from producer. As part of its effort to facilitate the organization of new logistics activities in the country, the Luxembourg government has prepared a new logistics action plan that allows companies that produce value-added logistics projects to take over land transportation.

Origin large trailer loaded with goods of Turkey's various work placements which vehicles can be transported on the train. After arriving in the city of Trieste by ship from the ports of Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin, vehicles with trailers will be transported via rail and via Bettenburg multimode terminal to various locations in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, France and Germany and vice versa.

The 10 bin trailer vehicle is expected to be transported in the first year through a wide range of transport networks that will carry Luxembourg as a logistics hub for Western Europe. With cargo transported on the rail and not in the truck, the new line of carbon dioxide emissions is expected to yield a billion grams of lightening per year, corresponding to an emission reduction of 75 per year compared to road transport.

The new time line train new operators and ways of CFL Multimodal Germany and Luxembourg borders providing inspection services for the remainder within centric collaboration with the CFL cargo and logistics companies in Turkey Mars was implemented with the cooperation. Garip Sahillioğlu, head of Mars Logistics, expressed his views on the line as follows. “A wide range of transportation networks will further activate the European distribution system.

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