CHP Headquarters, the brochure for the construction costs of the metro of three big cities.

CHP Headquarters has printed brochures for the metro construction costs of the three major cities. In the brochure titled 'There is a job in this account', it was emphasized that the kilometer cost of the Izmir metro is two times lower than Ankara and three times lower than Istanbul. In the brochure, wagons covered with money were used.

The subway construction costs, which caused controversy between the ruling and opposition leaders, were turned into brochures by the CHP Headquarters. CHP used the phrase 'Numbers do not lie' with the photograph of the subway wagon covered with coins under the heading 'There is a job in this account'. In the brochure where the metro costs of the three major cities are compared with the figures, 'Izmir metro was built at the lowest cost', 'Metro nightmare in Ankara' and 'Is the Istanbul metro under solid?' The statement said.

In the brochure printed by the CHP Headquarters 50 thousand, “The figures do not lie. The Ministry makes four metro lines in Istanbul and three metro lines in Ankara. Construction in Ankara has been going on for 10 years. Completed in Istanbul in 7.5 years. Izmir completes the metro without a penny with its own budget. ”

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