The locomotive car hit Tavşanlı district of Kütahya (Video)

In the district of Tavşanlı Kütahya level crossing the locomotive hit the automobile, fell into the irrigation channel. Ziya Erbaş, the driver of the car 44 in the accident, was slightly injured.

Accident, Ömerbey neighborhood occurred in the 07.30 ranks. The maneuvering locomotive, which went to the district of Tavşanlı from the direction of Tunçbilek, was hit by the 43 DS 944 license plate under the direction of Ziya Erbaş who wanted to cross the barrier-free level crossing.

The locomotive multiplier flew to the irrigation canal under the railway line. Car driver injured in the accident Erbaş, was taken to the hospital by the 112 ambulance to the scene. The investigation into the accident continued.


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