Thanks to those who invented the tram and subway

I thank the inventor of the tram. At the same time, the subway. Calling the rail system to both transport vehicles is an unpleasant name. Because the word "tram" in French, although we passed a similar Turkish word comes to me. I think the burden of poetry in the tram word takes me to this judgment. And in the voice of the word, the word of the tram is the name of the tram. For me, I mean Istanbul is a tram.

Metro means Istanbul for me. The word subway comes from French. There is a slight hunchback in the word Metro, but in this air-filled mood there is an artistic spirit. Maybe the hunchback and hunchbacked the words did not stop for the metro, but in terms of expressing the better we can say the following; has a prone stance of the subway. It is inclined so inclined. Like cypress trees. An air like air. But there is an artistic joy in this air.

I'd love to catch the tram or the subway every time I catch this. It comes and wraps me up. That's why I think I'm in the middle of a poem, not when I get on every tram or subway. Even in the middle of winter, I hear the joy in spring. White flowers with no reason in blue. It gives you an unreliable sense of trust. When an artistic sky passes like a blue sky. Swallows fly in the clouds of joy. Like a beautiful love.

Now it is time to remember the very good Üvercinka poem of the second New poets, Turkish poetry of vitamin N (using this qualification used by Roger Garaudy for Picasso for Cemal Sürya Nazım Hikmet). Who knows this famous poem. Here, I will only compensate with the following string; “We are on a tram going from Lâleli to the world”. Yes, and one more note; The word üvercinka is not in dictionaries; According to the linguist Doğan Aksan, Cemal Sürya invented this word from the words pigeon and curnata. It did well.

Every time I go to the subway stop to ride the subway, I observe a dove curnate air at the stops. In the crowd waiting for the subway station, I see a romantic weather stripped of the life of current life. It is not a waiting stop for a means of transportation, but a Turkish folk song like a second one. As in folk songs a fine sadness is dominant in people. At the same time, it is an air like a chorus of a moving folk.

Speaking of Türkü, there are mobile artists who sing beautiful songs in some metro stations - I would like to describe them. He took the saz in his hand and shook it in his hand. I think that I have been unfair to these people, whom I initially welcomed as strange or even 'dark'. Because really, if they were not there, something would be missing in the mood of the rate. Some say it well. Especially if it is a beautiful folk song known to the society, it affects people more.

I stand at every subway stop and listen to those instrumental songs. Sometimes even when listening to folk songs, I do not know the incoming metro. I say if I listen to such a beautiful folk song, I say I should not go to waste. Sometimes when I think of it, I feel like I'm stepping down on gold mud before anyone sees it. Sometimes, after listening to the folk song in the unspeakable sadness I have to go out of the station again to stop at a stop smoking.

I don't have rituals on the tram. I guess this is because the tram stops are in the open. At this point, I should mention a little pamphlet for the metro. Metro, as mentioned in another name, is underground and some of the stops are under the ground. Being under the ground may provide this stance to the word metro. But in the tram there is no; the tram is pretty free and well-intentioned.

Whether tram or subway there is an artistic air in both. Just like the weather that makes a text poem. Poetry, poetry, poetry becomes the text when you remove the air. Technically there is no poetry even if it is verse. It's a mess. In the meantime, in our recent poetry (in Turkish poetry) the word tram and metro are frequently used, but on-site and beautiful. Let us draw attention to this.

Thanks again to the inventor of the tram and subway.

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