Planning and feasibility studies for light rail system between Samsun and Tekkeköy continue

Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sefer Arlı, Tekkeköy district for light rail system studies are continuing, he said. Arlı also said that the negotiations with the existing public buses, minibuses and minibus lines continued.
23 new bus comes from university city center. On the other hand, planning and feasibility studies for the light rail system, which are planned to be built between Samsun and Tekkeköy, continue.

Samsun-Tekkeköy said that the works for the establishment of new rail public transportation lines continued rapidly, and the Deputy Secretary General Sefer Arlı said, ım Our light rail system works are continuing for our Tekkeköy district. Planning and feasibility studies are continuing for the establishment of the lines. Also for the existing routes 45 meters long 5 tender for the purchase of new trams. Related to this issue, the provincial commission continues to review komisyon.
Arlı, who noted that the negotiations with the existing public buses, minibuses and minibus lines were carried out, stated that in line with the UKOME decisions, 23 will buy new buses and transfer and rail network will be established. Sefer Arlı, ına All of our modern, electronic, air-conditioned and handicapped-accessible buses will be put into service in November. In other words, it will transfer from north to south, from south to north for the passengers who cannot reach the rail system. With these buses, it is envisaged to provide economic transfer between the university and the city center and between the different regions of the city with the rail system merkezi.


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