Partnership was established for the cable car project including Uzungöl and Sumela

TRABZONLU businessman Sukru Fettahoglu and Dubaili businessman Necdet Kerem jointly established Uzungol Teleferik Construction Tourism and Energy and Industry. Tic. Ltd. Sti, Uzungol and Sumela'nın covering the project to implement the ropeway shook hands yesterday. Minister of Environment and Urban Planning in Trabzon Governorship Erdoğan Bayraktar, Governor Recep Cranberry, Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu and DOKA Secretary General Çetin Oktay Kaldırım attended the ceremony. Recep Cranberry, investment in Trabzon's growth and development will provide significant income, he said. ”With this investment, we are coming together to share a significant investment in the infrastructure of tourism sector, Val said Governor Kızılcık.


Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdogan Bayraktar, declared that the investment in tourism is extremely important. Minister Bayraktar, "So 'we 5 next 100 million years we'll spend $ 2403' they say. This is a huge figure for Trabzon. And in two places, one of them is a panoramic cableway in Haldızen, in Uzungöl, with a length of 700 meters. In other words, it is a cable car to be built by watching the Haldızen Creek, mountains, greenery and snow in winter. On the other hand, there is a great need for Sumela. There, the 500 will be meters long. We have everything ready to start for both of them. Kindly tell us about the license, 'do not make trouble' he says. Indeed, the procedure is very much, our president says that all kinds of help, environment and SIT is connected to me, I am ready to make all kinds of convenience to our governor. Just get an investment. Our brother, dr. We also thank Necdet Kerem Bey. Gulf countries of the Muslim brother countries that they want green, forest, rain, tree here as much as they want. Mountain, greenery, fish, mountain has everything, if this investment will not be forgotten in the lives of the people of the Gulf will be able to live in the first place in our region will work in 2 people. This means that XNUMX is an employment resource for a thousand people. Bu


Minister Bayraktar, who underlined that the nature will not be disturbed during the implementation of the project, said: Bayrak Minister Bayraktar pointed out that this nature is not to spoil the nature, but to protect it by using it. We have studies. This investment is a very good investment, I hope it passes through the force, I hope it passes from the project to the land, I hope the drill phase finds, finds life. We'd appreciate that. Whoever makes a gram of Trabzon, we kiss his hand. We give him all kinds of help as government and ministry. Ona


One of the businessmen who will make the investment. Necdet Kerem, Uzungöl and Sümela for the construction of the cable car in the first place 20 million dollars in a very recently planned to make an investment, he said. Kerem said that they will realize their construction in Uzungöl and Maçka in accordance with the historical fabric without disturbing the historical fabric in the environmental consciousness. Tarihi We are very happy to be making such an investment in the world of Black Sea. The Black Sea Region is a very important center not only for tourism but also for world sea transportation Karad.


Şükrü Fettahoğlu, the other partner of the company, stated that they had met with the businessman Necdet Kerem and Governor Kızılcık, adding: cık Our governor also said that he would support us and promised us that he would open the way for us. For ten years Uzungol'da ropeway was said to be done, but a barley length was not taken. In the coming season, the construction of the cable car between both Sumela and Uzungol-Sarikaya will be completed and we will carry our guests with a ropeway,-he said. Fettahoğlu stated that the project had found 100 million dollars with Sumela and said, dol There are plateau and ski tourism, grass skiing and winter skiing. I hope we do this. The number of people who will work here is planned around 500. Burada Fettahoğlu addressed the officials, especially Minister Bayraktar, saying, “If you open the front, we are ready to excite the Black Sea. But help us to overcome the obstacles ahead. Dear Governor has great enthusiasm and great effort in this regard. We hope to realize this excitement, Biz he said.

Source: Günebakış Newspaper



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