Is there a specialization situation in TÜVASAŞ?

The issue of transportation is a time to come up with Ferizli district of Sakarya public with important industrial enterprise in our province, occupying Turkey Wagon Industry Co. TCDD Deputy General Manager Erol İnal was brought to the General Directorate.

İbrahim Ertiryaki, who has been serving as General Manager of TÜVASAŞ for more than a year, will serve in the Ministry. Why was this unexpected change?
Is this a normal change or is there a problem with the transport of the factory, or is there any other location unknown? ..
It has been learned that Erol İnal, who has been working as the Deputy General Manager of TCDD for a long time and has been in his retirement for 6 months, came to the factory and started his new duty yesterday.

A few years ago, Eurotem started to produce rail vehicles for the Marmaray project in Adapazarı with Tüvasaş. Turkey South Korea, Japan, France and Germany after xnumx'ünc producing countries in the position of the high-speed train .. comes to mind at this point that; Ferizli Organized Industry after the process of moving to the factory will be specialized? .. In this process will be the new boss of Tüvesaş Eurotem? ..
Hopefully, the reason for the change in the General Manager in the future, I hope will be clear.

İbrahim Ertiryaki, who has served as the General Manager of TÜVASAŞ, has followed a closed position to the press since taking office. We made important wagon construction agreements about the factory works from abroad, but we could not inform the local newspapers in the factory itself. We couldn't even make news on National TV. However, we have had the chance to report on the arrival of the Minister, even if limited.

Sakarya Wagon Industry Inc. If Erol Inal, who is appointed as General Manager, will not be retired in the 6 month, we will see what changes will occur in this institution and what will happen.

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