3. Ground survey studies of the bridge started

The secret location of the airport to be built in Istanbul has been revealed

Ground survey work of the airport to be established between Eyüp and Arnavutköy was started on the Black Sea coast. Map indicated to belong to the new airport (right). The decision of the Council of Ministers dated 13 dated August 2012 is marked on the Black Sea coast. The third airport, planned to be built in Istanbul, was prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Ground survey studies were started on the map where the coordinates, runways and connection roads of the airport were determined. After this work, the locations of the runways and planned buildings will become clear. According to the map, the new airport will be located on the Black Sea coast with Eyüp and Arnavutköy district borders. Yeniköy and Akpınar villages are in the north of the airport and Tayakadın and Işıklar villages are in the south. The area of ​​the airport to be built in the forests with the old mines will be 63 million square meters. The giant plant, 150 million passengers annually with Turkey's expected to be the largest airport. No tender. The tender has not been made until now. The exact location of the airport against land speculators was kept secret. According to the map reached by Radikal, the exact locations of six tracks in the area to be built on the Black Sea coast have been shown. A track will pass right over the pond near Akpınar Village. The airport does not include rural areas in the region. It is all planned on forest land and old mine lands.

According to the 1 \ 25 bin-sized map, there are five runways perpendicular to the Black Sea. A runway will be built in the area of ​​three small ponds just south of Akpınar Village. Four of the runways are on the border marked by the airport and two are outside the border.

Ministry: We did not prepare the map

On the map there are detailed studies such as roads in the area, connection roads to the airport, viaducts. The map contains all the details of the new area, while the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said that the map was not prepared for them, and the project was not awarded.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Istanbul havalimanıyla about the earlier statement, that consists of six tracks of the field, Turkey's largest airport would be, would have an annual 150 million passenger capacity, but the first stage of the xnumx't to 2015 million passengers will be put into service with the capacity he said.

Council of Ministers took the decision

The Council of Ministers announced the location of the new airport at 13 August 2012. The decision included nine hectares of space at the same location for the airport. However, with the detailed map of the airport, some points with settlements on the map of the Cabinet of Ministers are excluded from the airport borders. For this reason, 90 million square meters of 63 million square meters of the airport is divided into the airport. In addition, according to the 1 / 100 thousand-scale zoning plan of Istanbul, 70 of the new airport will be built in the forest area. Black Sea coastal areas are degraded land, while the remaining areas are agricultural land.

The purpose is to open a new settlement

Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch President Tayfun Kahraman: It is obvious that there will be a great excavation. In Turkey, especially in Istanbul are the eyes of everyone in forested areas. This area had to be reverted back to the forest. The airport will not be built. All the areas next to it will be under pressure to build. We experienced this when the second bridge was built. The main reason for building in the north is to trigger and open new settlements. It will bring new burden to Istanbul. This is the only place to be built in Istanbul. The purpose is not to open the airport, but to open new settlements.

This is what the bridge is enough for what airport

Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry Dr. Adil Caliskan: If they will fill the old mines, they're fine. However, because the green areas of Istanbul are there, they will damage the green areas. There is no solution after stopping population growth in Istanbul. Otherwise, the new airport and the third bridge are not enough.

Ecological destruction in wetland

Green Party member Serkan Köybaşı: Shifting the airport to the north will cause a complete slaughter. 3. the project to guarantee the passage of the vehicle from the bridge was shifted here. There is a need for an airport but the solution to this is not to do the middle of the forest, ecology. This is the middle of the wetlands.

Billions of ground floor improvement

Mücella Maker from the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Architects: There is a terrible environmental disaster. In order to make such a place, there should be billions of ground improvements. There are agricultural areas. Areas that should never be opened for construction. Sazlidere and Terkos Dam are currently preserved in terms of drinking water in Istanbul.

Giant fillings to be made to the sea

Chamber of Engineers Engineers Istanbul Branch Mehmet Yıldırım: If we look at the 1 / 25 binlik plans of Istanbul, we can see how much of the sea is being filled. The sea boundary was different in 1950s. When we look at the map, we see that the areas up to the boundaries in the sea will be re-filled. There are differences between the sea and the land in 100 meters. According to the project will be made huge guts and huge fillings. Shorefill means the deterioration of its natural state. This place will not only remain as an airport, it will obviously be around the settlements.

This region of Istanbul was carefully protected

Ahmet Atalık, President of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers: For years, the settlement of the Istanbul residential areas to the north was carefully prevented. Farmland, forest areas, water supply to the city, natural assets are located in this part of the city. Therefore, the third bridge to the north of the city, and then two cities, and then an airport, the population will move north. It will threaten water resources and the natural assets that feed them. Istanbul will not be compensated for its population and migration. Therefore, the north of Istanbul should remain untouched. Population crowded cities, indicative of backwardness. There are no cities in Germany with 4 million. Turkey should strengthen rural areas, the population must move to rural areas.

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