CEVA Logistics, Storage Reaches 600.000 sq.m. in Turkey

Located between the world's leading logistics company CEVA Logistics, it continues to increase its investments in Turkey.

Ceva Logistics, one of Turkey's largest logistics warehouse opened in Gebze has increased its capacity by 10% and reached 600.000 square meters of storage space in Turkey.

Ceva Logistics' new investment, which is the third warehouse in Gebze, spreads over an area of ​​3 square meters. The warehouse, which has 60.000 new jobs, a special IT system, complies with earthquake regulations and a state-of-the-art fire prevention system, was built in accordance with the International Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

In 2012, from a single center in the logistics sector in Turkey tracking system which opens the Control Center and in the first half Gebze and Adana, two new storage and transfer center services to put CEVA, now in distribution and production center industry is one of Turkey's largest warehouse Put into operation in Gebze.

CEVA Turkey and the Balkans, General Manager Leo Long, in his speech at the opening ceremony, "We made this significant investment for logistics, the most important point in Turkey, we chose as a special Gebze. center industry is in Gebze, Turkey is in a position which can be defined as the heart. Our new warehouse with 60 thousand square meters in Gebze, Turkey's largest repository of IT infrastructure and security as well as being standard carries a strategic importance for us. " said.

In addition, Uzun emphasized that CEVA, one of the fastest growing international companies in the logistics industry, has grown by making investments in all regions where it started to serve. logistics and infrastructure investments in 2011, as well as on the storage indicating that they are a serious investment process, long continued his speech as follows: "breakthrough in the logistics industry to assess the opportunities presented by Turkey's geographical location is of great importance. Of the country to be integrated with the development of the logistics sector will make an important contribution to Turkey's exports. According to the World Bank's 2010 Logistics Performance Studies Turkey ranks 150 among 39 countries. This shows that Turkey has a high potential in terms of logistics. Therefore, we have entered both domestic and international distribution network more efficient and high performance of our work for our branches all over the Turkey into a new restructuring process. Logistics is the most strategic and secret power of trade. Companies that want to make a difference in sales costs and take advantage of competitors have discovered logistics, but there is a very large segment that has not yet benefited, our desire is that these firms start to benefit from us as soon as possible. ”

"We came with our store we realized the power situation in Turkey with 600 thousand square meters of storage space. We will serve our warehouse in Gebze 3 7 regions of Turkey. the most modern in Turkey, Gebze sector with our 3 warehouses to store the appropriate human and environmental health in our example would believe. " said.

Ceva Logistics is one of about 5000 employees and thousands of partners with Turkey's imports and exports of the largest logistics companies.

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