Eurail Pass provides unlimited circulation in the European railways in Turkey by January 1

allowing unlimited roaming the railways in Europe as of January 1 the Eurail Pass will be included in Turkey. So now it will be much easier to train entry and circulation of foreign tourists to Turkey.

TCDD will be part of the Eurail Global network, which manages and markets Eurail Passes since January 1. European tourists wandering through Bulgaria to Turkey could easily pass.
Tickets will be also valid in TCDD trains circulating in Turkey.
It'll also allow Turkey to the European Union member olamasa also will be part of a more European institutions.

Eurail Pass tickets currently cover 24 countries. With the help of the so-called Select Pass, five other neighboring countries can be covered by Eurail.
Marketing Director Ana Dias e Seixas of the Eurail, in his written statement, "the Turkish State Railways rail network is being expanded wants to make known outside Turkey. Eurail Group also offers the best platform in the markets such as North America. Eur
This is not the only change in Eurail Pass. The Westbahn, which is the fastest train between Salzburg and Vienna, will be the first private train company in Eurail to join the group. France's national rail SNCF will leave the Select Pass. Those who want to travel around France will have to take the Global or Regional Pass.

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