Renovation of Balçova cable car facilities, which have been closed for 5 years, starts in November

📩 24/11/2018 09:49

The tender, which provided the exit of Balçova Hill, which is the most beautiful in Izmir and which has been closed for 5 years, will be finalized with the modern technology. Although the Public Procurement Authority (JCC) changed the result twice with the decision of corrective action, the final decision was made at the ropeway facilities whose tender was canceled by the Metropolitan Municipality because the winning company could not bring the necessary documents.

Ankara 14. The Administrative Court stopped unanimously with the cancellation of the decision made by the JCC regarding the previous tender. Upon this, his last tender without canceling the material proposals of the Metropolitan Municipality of STM Teleferik'i invited to bring the necessary documents to make a contract. With the renewal of the ropeway facility, 400 will be upgraded to 2 per hour with the 400 person at an hour. Instead of the old four passenger cabinets, the 300 or 500 cabinets will be used in the ropeway system. In the new ropeway line, the automation system stops the cabs automatically and immediately interferes.

Source: Hürriyet

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