Marmaray Insured: 30 companies insured Marmaray

Marmaray Insurance : MARSH CEO Mert Yücesan Turkey, noting that mediate the insurance premiums of $ 500 million, "We have been working for 40 years in Turkey. We serve 5 thousand corporate customers. One of the most interesting is that we do today as an insurance broker in Turkey was up to $ 1.1 billion package, we've organized the Marmaray project, "he said. At the beginning of September Marsh & McLennan Group of Companies Turkey Tayfun Beyazıt appointed President of the Board of Directors; Marsh Europe CEO Martin South, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, South Europe and Turkey responsible of CEO Flavio Piccolomini, Marsh Turkey CEO Mert Yücesan group Mercer Country Head of the company Sibel Yücesan and Oliver Wyman partner With Seha Ismen Ogur sohbet held the meeting. Yücesan explained the following about Marmaray at the meeting: “Marmaray is among the first tube transition projects to be realized through deep immersion. Moreover, it is very close to the fault line. We held many meetings, including the President of the World Tunnel Association, and provided the insurance package for the construction phase of the project. Around 20-30 world famous insurance companies came together and became a part of this package. "

Marmaray is insured. Tayfun in Beyazit, noting that the Marsh & McLennan Group 3 company operates in Turkey, "Turkey is an important market for the group. Our priority is organic growth. However, we will look at other opportunities, ”he said. The Group's Turkey CEO Martin South, they were active in 120 countries around the world, stressed they live as well as inorganic growth in several markets. South, also said they were open to inorganic growth in Turkey. South, Turkey pointed out that they saw the potential growth of the insurance market.


Mert Yücesan, said the following about the growth plans in Turkey: "500 million dollar insurance premium goes through us. In order to grow in the individual market, we have added my Insurance Shop. Entering the site to choose the most appropriate insurance package and company. It is now becoming increasingly common for insurance policies to form on the internet. We took this development into consideration. Biz


Mert Yücesan, said: c Our aim is to reach smaller enterprises and individuals. There is a multiple choice desire in the field of individual insurance in the world. Our goal is to spread a little further down the pyramid. Marsh is open to inorganic growth everywhere in the world. We have a desire to invest in Turkey.

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