3. Best route selected for bridge

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, hosted the consul-general in Istanbul for breakfast at Emirgan Mansion. President Kadir Topbas who listened his thoughts about Istanbul, also answered questions about Istanbul.

Kadir Topbas, 3. He answered the question about the views of civil society organizations and citizens in the bridge study; Var We need systems that combine two continents on the east-west axis, where traffic is the busiest in Istanbul. The ongoing Marmaray and the rubber wheel tube are out of the 3. bridges are also needed. You know how many bridges are in New York and the Sean and Times rivers. We have to do this bridge to make life easier. 35-40 thousand trucks and heavy vehicle vehicles pass through Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. In the event of an accident, traffic can be clogged for hours. 3. The bridge has been spoken for years. Poyrazköy-Garipçe, which does not suppress the forest by five routes, does not have any problem of expropriation and will not destroy the environment is decided. We are planning to make a more green bridge here. In addition, we have planted millions of trees in Istanbul from the time of the Mayor's office.

Istanbul is now a greener city. We have sensitivity on this. However, while preserving the green and historical artifacts, we must make the daily life comfortable by establishing a balance of protection. There's no city life without touching it. Our country is a democratic country. In such projects, we take into account the views of city councils, non-governmental organizations and, in particular, Municipal Assembly Members who are the representatives of the people. We take into consideration the objections that are democratic rights, but we cannot consider politicized objections. In the IMP, we made Istanbul's plans open to all. We take into account all the objections made to us in our work and made to us. We review or revise our decisions accordingly. Karar

Source: IMM

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