The fact that the 3rd airport project will be held in Çatalca and Terkos after the 3rd bridge gave investors a double holiday.

'Crazy projects' that will prepare Istanbul for the future, announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, revived the investors. In Çatalca and Terkos, where the 3rd airport and the bridge will be built, land prices have almost reached the level of 'double roasted'. Following the announcement of the 3rd bridge route, Çatalca, Terkos and Arnavutköy regions, which have peaked land prices, are now experiencing the 3rd airport good news. Land prices in all three regions increased 6 times in 3 months. While investors offered 17 thousand liras on a 470-decare land last year, this year the figure reached 1.5 million liras. Despite the price increase, landowners do not approach sales. There is no land for sale in Çatalca, Terkos, Nakkaş and Baklalı villages.

In the village of Nakkaş, which is located on the route where the airport and the bridge will pass, the price of lands sold for 2007 liras per square meter in 4 was up to 50 liras. The situation is the same in Terkos. The price of the land sold for 2007-10 liras in 15 is between 50-150 liras today. Real estate agents in the region say that after Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş announced that the 3rd airport will be built in the Terkos region yesterday, their phones did not keep silent and investors made an appointment to see how much land they had. Cengiz Akyüz, the owner of Berat Emlak, who has been real estate agent in Terkos and Çatalca region for years, said that the land prices around Terkos, Çatalca and Arnavutköy have tripled in the last 6 months. Akyüz stated that the price of the land, which was sold for 3-6 lira per square meter in Boyalık village 15 months ago, reached 20 liras, and the price of 60-60 liras in Yeniköy reached 70-200 liras. Akyüz said, “After the announcement of the 300rd bridge project, prices increased. Now, since the 3rd airport will be built here, it has been a market without a seller for the last 3 months. Because the investor who buys the land from here holds the property in his hand, ”he said.

Metin Başbay, the owner of Çilingir Emlak, said that after the 'crazy' projects, the villagers did not have any land left. Stating that those who sold the land last year could not find a place to buy this year, Başbay said, “The airport and new city projects to be built in Arnavutköy have increased prices. In Yeniköy, the price of the land, which was 2007 lira per square meter in 15, has reached 150-250 lira today. ” Stating that one piece of large land has been exhausted in the region, Başbay said: “I have 90 acres of land in my hands. The owners want 8.5 million lira. ” Stating that he did not sell land if a "very good" offer did not come, Başbay said: "Last year I sold 17 acres of land for 470 thousand liras. I offered 1.5 million pounds to the same place today, but they did not sell it. ”

Famous names made Çatalca a base
Çatalca bridge and airport projects were among the popular investment areas without being known. There are many names from businessmen to professional executives among the famous names that invest in calculating that they will be valued in the future. İşbank's former General Manager is now among the investors who buy land from famous companies such as Ersin Özince, Chairman of the Doğuş Group, Ferit Şahenk, Hayri Kozakçıoğlu, and İltem Kömürcülük. It is known that many conglomerates have also started initiatives to buy land.

3. the airport will not harm the environment
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said that the 3rd airport will be built near Terkos. Answering the questions of the journalists yesterday, Topbaş said, “At the direction of our Prime Minister, the airport will carry 150 million passengers in the north, which will be able to develop 5 runways or 6 runways with a capacity of 100 million passengers per year in the future. I think it can be tendered this year. Its location is in the areas close to Terkos Lake in the north. ” Topbaş added that the identified area is not a forest area as claimed.

Source: Morning

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