Young man of 16 commits suicide on the suburban line

16 young people entering the suburban line of İZBAN jumped in front of the passenger train ended his life.
16-year-old Islam Çelik, who entered the İZBAN suburban line in Izmir, allegedly ended his life by jumping in front of the passenger train.

The incident took place today at 21.30 at the İZBAN suburban line behind the Konak Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate on 1433 Street in the Gürçeşme District Küçük Ada Mahallesi. Islam Çelik, who even entered the line, allegedly jumped in front of the İZBAN passenger train under the direction of Ogün Balcı (33), who went from Kemer to Şirinyer. Although Machinist Balcı saw and braked at the last moment, Çelik remained under the train. It was determined that Çelik, whose body was destroyed under the control of emergency aid teams, died at the scene.


Some citizens, who saw the event and wondered, even entered with their children. In order to look at the body under the train, some citizens did not heed the warnings to get out of the line. After the İZBAN officials stopped the transportation in the region for a while, no negative situation occurred. The passengers on the train were evacuated after the authorities coming to the region took the necessary precautions. After the police investigated the crime scene, Çelik's body was removed from under the train 1.5 hours later. Çelik's body was taken to the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy. Transportation to the closed line was given again.

In the first statement of the engineer Balcı, who was taken to Gürçeşme Police Station, it was learned that he said "he closed his eyes, jumped in front of the train".

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