1 Billion Dollar wagon factory corruption

Dates 16 September 2006
Marmara CR2 contractor Hyundai Rotem company partner with Eorotem
In Sakarya, the foundation of the high-speed train factory is laid.

On behalf of EUROTEM, which will produce wagons for Marmararay
The factory is the foundation of TÜVASAŞ
(Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation) in the garden.

Turkey is no limit corruption.
TÜVASAŞ producing cars in the garden for Turkey
The loan is withdrawn from the state in partnership with AKP - HYUNDAI EOROTEM.
1O In return for a million-dollar investment
The Republic of Turkey is taken from the State 1 Billion tender.

Let's explain with a more plain expression.
With the support of the government
(TÜVASAŞ) In the yard of the state wagon industry factory
Seized in partnership with AKP - HYUNDAİ EOROTEM.
The rationale was to provide foreign capital inflow and to create job employment for the Sakaryi job in the Thousands.

Turkey is a paradise peşkeş
With the credit it has withdrawn from the state,
Another wagon factory was established in partnership with AKP - HYUNDAI EOROTEM.
Thousands of unemployed young people were not employed, as alleged.
Only 60 persons are employed in the company.

In the partnership of AKP - HYUNDAI EOROTEM,
Should I say that TUVASAS, which is the wagon factory of the state, has much lower quality and more qualified workmanship and 75 years of experience?

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN
Recalling the chorus of d Duck with iron nets' in Tenth Year March,
'' What's Incase, there's nothing you nothing of such, we are weaving in Turkey we are with iron nets '' This is also the case here.

Prime Minister and his mentality
The network was also affected with iron Turkey Sapanca and Akmeşe the love knitting.
One Billion Dollar alavere with diversion
The stone quarry, which is on the agenda of the opening in Sapanca Yanıkköy,
Only a small part.

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