TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, nicknamed 'Gardan Adam'

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who was called 'Gardan man' because he dedicated his life to his profession: With this government, railways became a state policy again. We are the 8th high speed train country in the world
The office of TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, the offices where the works, meetings and projects are carried out are in the historical building next to Ankara Station. Karaman, who is already a workaholic, does not even go to his house most nights, he is in his office in the morning or he has 1-2 hours of fox stunning. For this reason, his close co-workers were the only trainers named him: "Gardan Adam". My guest of MOLA this week is Süleyman Bey. The place is Ankara Station ...
They say, "Ingenuity is subject to compliment", do you get angry because the trains are going through the age, leave the compliment?
- Do you know what a hose means War Brother? - !!!!!!!! - We, the trainers, call the 'Hose' to the material we use as 'blind road bumper'. If we do not remove those who are right from the criticism and remove what is said insultingly and what is said to be a word, we will establish a '' hose '' in our own projects.
If you listen to a TCDD history, you're right?
- There are 4 different sections as the history of railways. The first part is the part inherited from the Ottoman Empire. 4 thousand 136 kilometers. The second part is from the first years of the Republic. The period of 1923-1950, when the railways were given importance and great studies were made for the railway. There is also Atatürk and İnönü during this period. With the help of Marshall in 1950, the third period in which the highways became prominent and the period of stopping in the railways entered. We call this period a pause period. This is the fourth term. This is the period when the government became a state policy for the railways, where all modes of transportation were given importance and all of them were trying to go horse-headed. As railroads, we are very pleased with this period and the period of 1923-1950.
What is the line separating these periods?
- The development period of 1923 kilometers of railroads per year, between 1950-134. During the 2004-2012 period, 135 kilometers of railways were built again during the development period. Currently, there are road works at 2 kilometers, it will be finished in 200 years, we will have a lot of railways in 3 years.
At the opening of Kartal Metro, our prime minister said “What did you knit?” Referring to the words of the 10th Anniversary and it was known that there were critics?
- We have written a number of articles stating our satisfaction, not such a comparison, to our government and prime minister. "What did you knit there?" Then the target was not the 10th Anniversary Actually. "What did you knit in the next periods?" asked. He fell to the CHP. Yılmaz Özdil saw as a comparison with Atatürk that an article was laid. "They're looking at the train like trains looking at us," he said. This was very heavy for us. This is what happened in his original article. It compares this with the period of Ataturk, we do not compare both. We are now the 8th high speed train country in the world and the 6th in Europe. We made a domestic signal TÜBİTAK, İTÜ and TCDD together. 7 countries have domestic signals in the world, we will be the 8th. There are 5 firms producing rails in the world, we became the 6th. There are 5 wheel manufacturers in the world, we are building the 6th with MKEK. Our goal is to be in the top 10 in the world in both railway construction and vehicle production.

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