In Turkey, wagon repairing, maintenance, repair and overhaul work will grow

Dinara Acer Acer said they Wagon Factory General Manager, repair cars in Turkey, maintenance, repair and announced a revision of jobs could grow.
Acar, AA correspondent, the economy of the county by employing 60 a great contribution to the factory, private firms of freight wagons repair, maintenance, overhaul and type change work, he said.
Acar, who stated that the number of companies operating in the wagon repair sector in the country is very few and clear, is as follows:
"Wagon repair, maintenance, repair and overhaul work of the open front in Turkey. Turkey number of companies who perform this work we look at the overall minimal. Indeed, it is an open job. Dinara giving such a business as a district, we will convert rapidly progressing form of a company in Turkey. Again, we are talking about our name with the work we do throughout the country. Repair of freight wagons takes place in this sector, which we have covered rapidly. I think we have made a great contribution to the economy of the district. A total of 190 people are employed in two factories. "
Acar, wagon industry investments in the coming years will continue, he added.

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