No thanks to the tunnel and the opening of the 25 junction

Prime Minister Erdoğan complained that the tunneling and 25 junction opening to the Istanbul traffic was not sufficiently included in the media: Do you have any thanks? Put him down, hand him over.
“Don't you have a thank you?“
Now we are opening the tunnel yesterday. A 2-meter-long tunnel, 25 junctions, but look at today's newspapers. Believe you don't see them properly. Don't you have a thank you? Put it somewhere, give it to the headline. You can't put it, why? Because they do not have a principle that 'ingenuity is subject to compliment', they have no good words. They are always obliged to make the talent ugly, to always make the talent. This is their structure, this is the requirement of their finesse and they do it. ”
Explaining that Turkish Airlines became one of the top 7 aviation companies in the world during the AK Party rule, Prime Minister Erdogan said that:
“There is currently an Ak Parti government with airports at 46 points, and we are still replicating. Why? Let my nation reach where it needs to reach quickly. Let it reach where it needs to reach with much more civilized, modern facilities. We did not neglect the Southeast and the East. We said whatever would be there in the West, whatever there would be in the Mediterranean. We have done all of these, we will continue to do so. O CHP, what did you do? They get up once, they say they knit with iron nets. What did you knit? O CHP, can you tell us how many kilometers of rail systems you built during your government? Izmir Municipality, which made an account the other day, 'was producing very cheap metro'. Even crows laugh at your words. You don't know what the subway is Kılıçdaroğlu. First, tell your men to get a subway training. If they want, we teach them this in Istanbul. You did not, you couldn't İzmir. You asked for help. I instructed my Minister of Transport. They are not subways, they are light subways. Light metro investments are also carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. They want to miss this from the eyes of the nation, my brother from Izmir sees this, I know and say that they cost cheaply. Does the subway cost and subway subway cost one? someone is 40 meters below the ground… Now, we are building a rail system under the sea with Marmaray. Did you see anything like that, Kılıçdaroğlu? ”
”Such a horizon deserves bir
Kadıköy and there are CHP municipalities in Kartal, but the AK Party government KadıköyExplaining that he also made a subway between Kartal and Erdogan, “Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, let's go there, it was very nice. We opened it. Travel with our modern trains, you will see what is civilization. We are taking these steps, but I said, either such a horizon in them, right here, there is no truth and false words, false words ”.

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