A historic day for TULOMSAS T

The first locomotive produced in cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ-General Electric (GE) was realized with the participation of representatives from all over the world at the InnoTrans-International Railway Fair in Berlin, Germany between 18-21 and September 2012.
TCDD General Manager Mr. Süleyman KARAMAN, TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Mr. Hayri AVCI, ESO President Mr. Savaş ÖZAYDEMİR and many press members and many participants from our country participated in the presentation. The publicity and information meeting held by GE and TÜLOMSAŞ officials attracted much attention, the locomotive was highly appreciated and it was defined as the surprise of the fair.
In addition, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman explained his appreciation for saying that the locomotive is very much appreciated.
TÜLOMSAŞ has extensive manufacturing experience and expertise in the region and has completed the manufacturing of 1 PowerHaul series locomotives for export to Europe under the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the world's leading locomotive manufacturer General Electric (GE).
In the production process of the locomotive in TÜLOMSAŞ;
q The locomotive is manufactured by Turkish engineers / workers and with the contribution of GE technical staff.
q 46 The supply of materials and semi-finished products has been made from the domestic company under the main title of 135.
q This project has been the source of employment and employment for our country as well as its real contribution to the national economy.
q Our suppliers have undergone the NCI-Supplier Assessment Process implemented by GE. (These companies also become GE's supplier)
This new generation of locomotives with diesel electric technology which only TULOMSAS 't be produced and in Europe, North Africa, Middle East countries and Turkey has a structure that can work well.
Technical characteristics of these locomotives produced in our company and presented to the world market;
ü European Platform PowerHaul series Locomotives 3700 HP power,
ü It is AC / AC type with double cabins.
ü Less than 10% 33 compared to competitors
ü High maintenance reliability and long service intervals,
9 with lower fuel consumption than its competitors,
ü Maintenance times are long locomotives.
Mr. Hayri AVCI, our General Manager, said the following:
Ayı In accordance with the 2005 Vision within the ten-year TÜLOMSAŞ Development Program we have prepared in 2015, TÜLOMSAŞ, which aims to open up to Global Markets with a world brand company, has started to take the fruits of the works carried out within this scope.
Our company is acting in line with this vision; has decided to make a strategic partnership agreement with GE company, which is the world leader in its sector, for the joint production of the first PowerHaul series locomotives designed for the region in TÜLOMSAŞ facilities. We can say with pride that the success story of the locomotive presented to the market today has begun in this way. Gur
HUNTER; Diesel, the world leader in electric locomotives, said that GE's superior technology combined with TULOMSAS's capabilities and capabilities is an indicator that TULOMSAS has become a productive, profitable and competitive organization for the market at the same time.
HUNTER; He also stated that the Strategic Partnership made with GE is beneficial for both companies, and that TULOMSAS strengthens its image by the end of 2015.
The project, which will provide a significant economic added value to our city and our country, is also aimed to be an important item in exportation of the products of the railway vehicle industry as a result of these studies.
As it is known, we are honored to share a new success story of TÜLOMSAŞ which is the source of pride for our city and our country with its respectable public.

Source: http://www.tulomsas.com.tr

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