TÜLOMSAS General Manager Hayri AVCI

Hayri AVCI - General Manager - Chairman of the Board
Birth date and place
1958 & Manavgat
Marital Status
Married, with two children
Collection Status
1981- He graduated from Sakarya State Architecture and Engineering Academy, Mechanical Engineering Department.
Foreign language
He speaks German.
Job experience
16 started to work at ELMS (TÜLOMSAS General Directorate) on November 1981.
TÜLOMSAS General Directorate in various levels;
-Studio chef,
-Chief engineer,
-Quality System Development Consultant,
- Head of Quality Control Department,
-General Directorate Chief,
He was appointed as the Assistant General Manager of TULOMSAS on 30.10.2003.
He was appointed as the General Manager of TULOMSAS on 21.03.2005.
1) in Turkey for the first time aboveground railway trailers and trailer weighing scales electronic design and manufacturing has made applications that provide both electronic and mechanical weighing.
2) It has been found in the design works of the street sweeper and realized its production.
3) Produced locally produced electrocar, which is a battery-powered load-carrying vehicle.
4) He worked as a Coordinator in the ISO 1994 Quality Management System studies started in 9001. In 1997, TÜLOMSAS received the TS ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System certificate, effectively ensuring the system design, training of the employees and the implementation of the application. He has given applied trainings on Total Quality, ISO 9001, System design and analysis, Time Management, Efficiency, Elimination of business losses, problem solving techniques, and strategic planning. He presented papers in various symposiums on “TÜLOMSAS and Total Quality” and these papers were published. Quality Circle practices were carried out for the first time in public institutions and thus pioneered the establishment of teamwork in the company. He has given training and seminars on ISO 9001 System in many public institutions and other institutions and organizations.
In 5 2003, by performing SWOT analysis, he realized the strengths and weaknesses of TULOMSAS and served as Team Leader in the preparation of TULOMSAS Development Program. In this context, the Company's Marketing, Production, Purchasing and Human Resources Policies and medium-term targets were determined and implemented. In 2004, TULOMSAS, which is a Public Institution, initiated the first implementation of the management system with targets related to the performance management system.
6) has been actively involved in the preparation of the TULOMSAS Restructuring program in 2004. TÜLOMSAS has updated its production and system activities and started to implement effective, reflex strengths and structuring in accordance with today's management approach.
7) A structural change was made in the production model of TULOMSAS and in this context, a technology based model was started to be applied from labor-intensive works through the transition from the production of parts to the production of products. In this context, the implementation of the R & D supported sub-industry development program was initiated.
8) Launched ERP Enterprise Resource Planning studies in TUSOSTS, a public institution in 2006, and led the project to be implemented in 2008.
9 2009 Launched the project in TULOMSAS with the Business Intelligence Program, which provides the submission of all data and / or information in different databases (SQL, Access, Excel etc.) to the top management in summary reports.
10) Merkezi Resource Training and Technology Center alüminyum was established and the first step towards aluminum welding technology for the production of High Speed ​​Rail, Metro and Light Rail was taken.
11) Lean Production Project and Joint Industry companies have planned joint training activities together with Lean Manufacturing applications.
In 12 2008 OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System certificate and EN 15085 – 2 (CL inin 1) Railway Applications- Source of Railway Vehicles and Components and EN ISO 3834 N 2 conformity certificates have been obtained.
13 2009 is a project leader in the establishment of a Lider Rail Systems Research and Test Center m in Eskişehir and carries out studies for the realization of the project.
14) has prepared a Potential Domestic Market Map in order to be effective in domestic markets and has ensured continuous communication with the mentioned organizations by taking into consideration the current or future needs of Public and Private Sector organizations.
15) Within the scope of its international marketing activities, it has carried out studies and model implementations by developing unique projects and strategies for each country.
16) has developed strategies within the scope of TULOMSAS Social Responsibility Project. Within this scope, it has ensured the realization of original projects under the roof of Eskişehir Demirspor Club.
17) pioneered the preparation of 2015 and 2023 Visions and provided TULOMSAS's strategic plans. With the contributions of an advanced TÜLOMSAS to the economy of Eskişehir and the country, activities such as R & D, technology, production models and product diversity, export targets, sub-industry and corporate social responsibility have been defined. In this context, Eskişehir and our region has become a logistic center of railway vehicles and provided employment-enhancing activities.
1) and organized by Hurriyet, one of Turkey's most prestigious awards in the economic sense "FAST FISH Award" was received on February 28 2007 nude. This award is given to companies that renew their current structure by applying contemporary production and management models, use information correctly and keep pace with innovations and stand out with their rapid profit increase and efficiency.
2) He received the “ESKİŞEHİR ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR” award at the White Gold Entrepreneurship Awards organized for the second time in 2009 by the Eskişehir Entrepreneurial Industrialists and Businessmen Association (EGSİAD).
3) Success in the public sector, as determined by CNBC-e Business magazine in 2009 kazanHe has been shown as one of the “7 GOLDEN MEN OF THE STATE” in the ranking of Turkey's administrative elite.

Source : http://www.tulomsas.com.tr

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