Train Comes Nice But Never Empty

The impact of the railways to contribute to Turkey's modernization process and who can deny. The writer-poet Mehmet Aycı tells the railroad culture in his later book Şimendifer.

After the Serkisof Ahbabım Olur, you brought color to the literature of railway with a new book. The post-Şimendifer consists of experiments related to railway culture. Serkisof Ahbabım Olur was not enough?

meaning the area of ​​the railway in Turkey so as not to fill several books. It's quite probable. It is an abundance of socially individualistic railroads yazar An area where the literate nation cannot remain insensitive even if it wants to. That's why it happened; Our works on the railway / trains / railways published on the left on the right have been published by the poet Ünsal Ünlü.

-Will we be back?

Of course. This has the effect that the work we do during the day may determine the dream we see in the night. You know, our railroad is a profession.

There are essays in the book that also touch upon lesser known issues. Firecrackers, like the punishment of those who damage the railway, with death penalty and the penalty of hard labor ... Are there any other unknown ones of the railway?

Turkey railway has cost the nation as it is in other countries ... like family ... Most of our railway history attics to, in drawers or stirring the former home of our secret place, a bit ruefully, bit by shuddered, but are looking for something a familiar sadness and we found ... railroad misses, reckless at the same time a society is isolated. Some sort of loneliness drug, railways, trains birkaç Although the High Speed ​​Train cycle starts, the speed is descriptive and decisive, the situation is the same ğin In the case of the discovery of the işe

What is the difference of Orhan Pamuk's trains

-Beril Isik published a review; Inda Karanlıktan Aydınlığa Ruler / Orhan Pamuk Railway in Novels bir Our novelist as a power tool in the railroad is working in a more masculine language in his novels. In your book the more the rootstock, the more feminine stands train.

Orhan Pamuk, of course, has a legitimate share in his implications and references. Turkish modernization is also a process that moves through the railways istasyon I don't know, you will reach the unreachable place, you can reach them with the piano, the gazinoyla, the newspaper, the cinema, the book, the garden arrangement, the relationship between the men and women, the balo, the station street and the square, the free oscillation and night life, health screening, hot water network, garden arrangement will introduce kadar this is the leading party, feel free party “state“ and buy railroads irm, But our people are so accustomed to the train ... On behalf of the song does not burn folk songs, lullabies did not say the maniler. The rootstock of the stations alone and the rootstocks of wagons from high-speed train to high-speed train have softened this masculine side.


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