Loads of trains increased, revenues doubled

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the amount of cargo carried last 10 years 74 percent, while revenues from freight transportation increased by 240 percent.
TCDD, which gives priority to railway freight transportation projects in order to increase transit transportation between national and European-Asia and to develop combined transportation by establishing a continuous railway main corridor in the direction of east-west directions, has been , block train management.
In this context, 158 pieces of domestic and 33 pieces of internationally operated 191 pieces block freight train are operated per day.
According to the calculations made from TCDD data, the amount of cargo carried by TCDD was 2002 million tons in 14,6, and increased to 2011 million tons in 25,4 with the block train application. TCDD, which increased the annual freight amount it carries by 10 percent in 74 years, has also seen an increase of 240 percent in its revenue from freight transportation.
Internationally, in the west, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, in the east; To Iran, Syria and Iraq; TCDD, which operates block trains mutually to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan in Central Asia, has increased its international cargo rate by 10 percent in the last 96 years. TCDD's international cargo, which was 2002 million tons in 1,3, increased to 2011 million tons in 2,55.
The share of export products in the cargo carried by TCDD increased. Last year, 53 percent (1 million 356 thousand tons) of the goods carried by international trains were imported, while 46 percent were export products and 1 percent were transit passes. While imported products constituted 2002 percent of the cargo transported in 60, this rate decreased to 2011 percent in 53.
Container transport
Container transportation, which aims to remove competition between other modes of transport, has become an unquestionable and important mode of transport in the transport sector. In this context, container transport by 2003 thousand tons / year in 658 increased by 2011 to 12 million tons / year in 7,6.
In order to ensure uninterrupted freight traffic between Asia and Europe, TCDD opened a new railway line between Tekirdağ and Muratlı in order to connect Tekirdağ Port to the existing railway network in Muratlı. started operations to ensure uninterrupted, fast and high quality railway transportation.
Turkey's century-old dream and the Marmaray Project is shown as one of the world's most important projects, from Gebze HalkalıAiming to provide uninterrupted rail transportation to Turkey and to create a deep-rooted solution to the urban traffic problem, TCDD plans to run 42 freight trains per day on this line.
One of the important projects of TCDD is the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway project, which will be an important railway corridor between Europe and Asia. It is envisaged that 6,5 million tons of cargo will be transported annually in the first phase, the construction of which has already started.

Source: Hürriyet

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